10 celebs with weird physical imperfections

10 celebs with weird physical imperfections

For most people, physical deformities not only cause social anxiety to people, but also result in low self-esteem. In some particular fields, such as fashion modeling and acting, bodily imperfections are considered huge drawbacks. There are various types of physical deformities or imperfections. Some of them are genetic, others caused by medical conditions and accidents. However, the reality is if you have got will to overcome such issues, nothing is unachievable. For example, following 10 famous celebs have weird physical imperfections, but they never let them overcome their dreams.

Karolina KurkovaKarolina-Kurkova-NO-belly-button

Karolona Kurkova, a Czech supermodel, who beat Angelina Jolie to become sexiest woman in 2008, does not have a belly button, and in place of a navel she has smooth indentation due to a surgery she went through as an infant. Her photographs are edited to add a belly button.

Math Perrymath perry finger

Math Perry, a Canadian American actor and writer, had lost the tip of middle finger of his right hand when he was a kid.

Megan Foxmegan-fox-thumb-tribute

Megan Fox, an American actress and model, suffered a form of brachydactyly called clubbed thumb. In this medical condition, one or both thumbs remain short and round with an accompanying short and wide nail bed.

Denzel Washingtondenzel-washington-pinky

Denzel Washington, an American actor and filmmaker, who has also won two Golden Globe awards, A Tony Award, and two Academy Awards has one of his little fingers bent at 45 degree angle due to a basketball accident when he was a child.

Mark Robert Michael Wahlbergmark

Mark Wahlberg, a popular American actor, producer, businessman, former model and rapper, has a third nipple and he calls it his prized possession.

Vince VaughnVince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn, an American actor, screenwriter, producer, and activist, had lost the tip of his right thumb in a car crash when he was 17.

Steven Tylersteven-tyler

Steven Tyler, an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and former television music competition judge, best known as the lead singer of the Aerosmith rock band suffers a condition called Morton’s neuroma due to which his toes became deformed after years of dancing on stage.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Harry Styles, an English singer and songwriter and member of the English-Irish pop boy band One Direction has a second set of nipples. He had to cover them up when he had to go shirtless while shooting band’s “Kiss You” clip.

Ashton Kutcherashton

Ashton Kutcher, an American actor, producer, investor and former model, has webbed toes and used to think everybody had feet just like him. He considers it a special gift and shows off without any hesitation.

Kate Hudsonkate-hudson-extra-toes

Kate Hudson, an American actress, a Golden Globe award winner and an Academy Award nominee for Best Supporting Actress in Almost Famous, has six toes on each foot. Surprisingly, her feet has been a mystery as in some pictures, they look fine, while in others, it does look like she has no such deformity at all.