7 best solar-powered smartphone chargers you can buy right now

7 best solar-powered smartphone chargers you can buy right now

With an advent of smartphones and portable electronic devices came the need to keep them charged. As electronics continued to evolve with bigger screens, powerful processors and multimedia functions, including high resolution cameras with strong flash, need for charger on the go also rose. Presently, almost every data about life and routine of an individual have shifted to digital world, and electronics have become necessary evil that we require to be connected to the web.

Smartphones are evolving as mini computers, giving rise to per hour usage. This has further resulted into multiple charges in a single day depending on the usage. Solar-powered portable chargers have offered freedom from plug-in charging and availability of electricity. They can generate energy from sun, irrespective of location, and keep USB gadgets juiced up all day long.

Here is a list of eight best solar-powered chargers available in the market than you can buy right now to keep your gadgetry juiced up off the grid.

Snow Lizard SLXtreme CaseSnow Lizard SLXtreme Case

Made for the iPhone 4, 4s and 5, the SLXtreme is a rugged, water-resistant case that not only protects the phone from uninvited harms, but harnesses solar-energy for it at the same time. The prototype was on Kickstarter for crowdfunding and it had collected more than twice its funding goal. Now, it’s available for $129.99.

Gomadic SunVoltGomadic SunVolt

Gomadic is capable of juicing up multiple power hungry devices by harnessing sun’s energy. It works fine even on a cloudy day. The design is thin yet aptly sized. It comes with a custom-design carrying case, and costs about $100.

XD Design Solar Window ChargerElectree Charging Sculpture

This sleek solar-powered charger by XD can be easily mounted on windowpanes with the help of reusable silicone paper. It is capable of charging any USB device. The design is minimal and aesthetically appealing as compared to most of the chargers with solar panels. It’ll cost you about $65.

Electree Charging SculptureElectree Charging Sculpture 2

The design is inspired by bonsai tree. Solar panels are installed like leaves, which give it aesthetic appeal. Designed by Vivien Muller, Electree phone charger can charge any USB devices quickly. Although, it’s a costly affair for $450, Electree can make up for your extra expenses on decoration.

WakaWaka Power Compact Solar Charger

WakaWaka Power Compact Solar Charger

This one requires a day’s exposure to harness enough energy to charge a USB device. WakaWake has manufactured some parts of it in Haiti, which is still going through aftermaths of natural disaster. If you buy one WakaWaka for $79, the manufacturer gives one charger to needy, which sounds like assistance.


CLASSIC2 is an award-winning design from Solio. It can charge an average smartphone twice when fully charged. That means, it can let you play about 15 hours of music. You can own one CLASSIC2 for $100.

XD Design Solar SunflowerXD Design Solar Sunflower

Design is inspired by a sunflower, which actually thrives on sun and can track it all day. So, consider it some digital photosynthesis to generate energy for your USB and mini USB devices including smartphones. At $21, Sunflower is relatively cheaper than other candidates in this list and it is worth every penny.