8 coolest passive speakers for an audio junkie

8 coolest passive speakers for an audio junkie

Sound amplification asks for device and energy to boost volume, such as in powered loud speakers. Smartphones and portable music players let you play music stored in your device on active and powered speakers. However, a way simpler alternative is a passive speaker (preferably non-electric). These speakers are mostly portable and utilize qualities of matter, design, and shape to amplify a sound. Some of them offer a low amplification of 10-20 decibels, while some others can add up to 60 decibels.

Take a look at these eight coolest passive speakers that are available for sale.


It’s all bamboo, used cleverly in a minimal, hand-crafted speaker. The hollow body lets your phone connect to its charge cable while in use. The speaker is manufactured in a range of sizes. You can own one for £23.99.

IPhone GramophoneiPhone Gramophone

A metal horn, set in a solid walnut block, makes an excellent, nostalgic passive speaker for your iPhone. The design is inspired by Edison’s classic phonograph and is capable of boosting your iPhone volume by four times. iPhone Gramophone is available for £160.

Horn StandHorn Stand

Horn stand uses a silicon funnel to deliver amplified and focused sound. Its simple design helps it to deliver about 13 decibels boost by channeling the sound through a silicon funnel. It might appear old school when attached to your phone, but it works well as a passive speaker for £14.99

Eco-Ampeco-amp Orgami

This eco-friendly speaker is constructed out of FSC-certified, 100 percent post-consumer paper. It’s an origami design, which is lightweight and can be prepared at home within no time. If you want to buy one, you will have to spend as low as £8.


Koostik is handmade in America and employes carefully shaped hard maple, makore, cherry or walnut. It can fit anywhere on any bookcase, side table or mantel for £50.


It’s an elegant design that is carefully crafted from ceramic and lot bigger than the ArkCanary horns. Obviously, with bigger size comes greater boost for sound. It can add impressive 60 decibels to your device volume. It’ll cost about £125.

Griffin AirCurve

Priced at £9.90, this one is a cheaper, non-electric speaker made of plastic that can amplify sound of your device by up to 10 decibels.


EN&IS MegaphoneEN and IS

This Italian-made shiny, sleek, slender, horned-shaped amplifier, handmade from ceramic is shaped to optimize audio output. It’s not just a passive speaker, but also a beautiful item of home decor with strong aesthetic appeal. You can own one for £64.99.