4 amusingly artistic water tanks in Punjab

4 amusingly artistic water tanks in Punjab

Punjab, an Indian state in a close proximity to Pakistan border, and its people are known for their liveliness, loudness, extravagance and lavishness to show-off family’s social status. Apart from bungalows, cars, jewelry, which are commonly used for this purpose, there are other abundant of ways to achieve the same.

It’s done very creatively by manipulating designs or overall appearance of objects like cars, trucks, and tractors they own. However, in Punjab water tanks placed on top of roofs make for a perfect decor item to exude opulence and stature of their family.

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It’s like a trending tradition to design water tanks in shape of a military tank, flying eagle, tractor, sailing ship and so on. They are too good to be ignored. You just can’t take your eyes off them. This practice is very common amongst locals, but for visitors from outside Punjab, they are a perfect eye candy.

However, calling it outrightly an event of show-off won’t be completely right. Some families build them as a gentle reminder of precious memories of the past, while the others make them to pay tribute to their pets.
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For example, a family has built a rooster-shaped tank in memory of their loved domestic animal.

water tank in Punjab


Then, there is a couple that wanted to encourage their son to join Indian Army and serve the nation as a patriot. When their son joined the army, they built a water tank in shape of a military tank. Seeing the tank pointing its muzzle toward a direction on the rooftop makes the family feel proud that their son is serving the nation in one of the greatest ways.
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Water-tanks Punjab

Everyone has different tastes, likes and dislikes for his/her personal reasons. The pair of bullocks and a tractor resting on the top of a house with a white bearded man in sky blue turban behind the wheel represent Punjab as a major agrarian state or the ‘Rice Bowl’ of India.

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Punjabis are also very enthusiastic about sports and athletics. And, when we say sports, it doesn’t only includes Kabaddi, but soccer as well. This is why you will see a water tank in shape of football. There is no doubt about the fact that these tanks add to liveliness of Punjabi people and their rich culture.