7 scariest sci-fi short films you must watch

7 scariest sci-fi short films you must watch

Ghosts, spirits, zombies, monsters, etc., are common subjects in scary movies, but human mind is deadliest and scariest of all, especially with all technological advancements. Artificial intelligence to futuristic chips that could be implanted in human’s head or eyes, everything is an ingenious creation of human mind. Some filmmakers and directors have expressed our worst fears and future prospects with advancement in technology through stunning short films. None of them contain graphic or explicit violent content, but still manage to send a wave of creepiness in audience. Here are seven of the best short science-fiction films that you should not miss.

9 Minutes

9 Minutes, a 2014 short film, was directed by P.J. Wolf. He mostly directed music videos and television shows, but found some time to make a scary short film. It’s alien mystery in which a man and his dog, living in an isolated forest area, realize some anomalies in the sky. One day, his worst fear appeared in physical form. The contact lasted for nine minutes and when the man wakes up, these nine minutes were missing from his memory except some camera impressions of it.

Sleep Walk

This 2013 short video was directed by Mark Szumski and Gina Niespodziani. The video is about a clue that our subjective being never matters on an astronomical scale. The story is set in 1959 when a large black hole opens above New York City and entire city crumbles under its force of gravity. This moment reunites him with his daughter, both of which are later dissolved in that black hole. What happens next is worth giving a thought.

Sight By Sight Systems

This video appeared in 2012 and was a superb piece of scary work. There isn’t any alien to fear from, rather, it’s advanced technology that is altering our natural course of life. A couple with technologies implanted in their heads struggle with their relation. It starts when one day the man wake up to continue with his routine life but ends up in a future date. Applications are visible in his line of sight because of implants behind the eye. He manipulates his date to win her over by scrapping crucial information about her by hacking into technology implanted in her mind. Doesn’t that sound disturbing; humans with electronic implants!


In this Rob McLellan’s short film an android with artificial intelligence (rendered with CGI) falls to an error due to which he begins to feel strong attraction and emotional attachment toward beautiful females. ABE, the android, is explaining it to a woman he had tied up in an isolated place. Then ABE takes out his surgical equipment and demonstrates his surgical skills. Next scene opens with the android staring at another woman from behind a pillar. It looks creepy, like a psychopath on hunt.

Doll Face

This video appeared on YouTube in 2007 and since then, it continues to depress people. A doll-faced robot is standing in front of a TV set, looking at an idol face on it. Lots of makeup being applied on the face to match the one on TV. It keeps moving higher until it becomes impossible for the robot to get a closer look when the TV moves away from the doll and face on it changes. The robot becomes desperate to get another glimpse and malfunction due to its obsession to look better. It’s kind of “self-destructive nature” or maybe it’s a clue about our obsession for cosmetics.


Is it possible to harness all organs of human body but manage to keep the brain alive? That sounds interesting. Doesn’t it? The opening scene shows a woman on operation table, surrounded by doctors and hospital staff. They are preparing for a surgery after which she will be kept alive, bodiless. This vagueness is quite disturbing, but worth contemplation.

The Flying Man

Footages of a flying man with marvelous body appears on news channels. No one is sure who or what exactly he was. He is killing people one by one, very brutally, like throwing a man on railway track, right in front of a speeding train. Initially, he inflicts fear in people, but later it was established that the people he was killing were criminals. He becomes an anonymous saviour of the city. Then, he turns to two non-violent criminals and kills one of them. He let one of them go. The last scene is kind of symbolic of typical superhero stuff.