10 workout songs to get you in the right groove

10 workout songs to get you in the right groove

Hitting the gym but not finding the groove to reach your peak performance? I think you might be missing out on some workout music. Yes, music plays a big role in what you mental conditioning is and this in turn affects your workout regime. Pumping music pushes you to go for that extra rep and keeps you motivated to push the envelope of endurance. So, lay back and go through this collection of workout music that’ll change your workout routine into your own personal battle ground where you compete to reach the epitome of fitness.

1. Alter Bridge – Isolation

Alter Bridge well known for their foot tapping rock numbers will give a kick start to your workout with their song ‘Isolation’. AS the name itself suggests, the track puts you into isolation and ready for the grunt.

2. Fuyron – Disappear

Not many of you might have heard of Fuyron, but if you want to get going with a tough training session, Fuyron’s Disappear track in the one to tune into.

3. George Thorogood – Bad to the bone

This age old classic gets you in the groove no matter what. Just listen to this song and watch yourself pump-up those muscles. You can literally feel like a bad boy listening to this track.

4. Saliva – Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll
Althougt the title of this song might put your mom in depression, but this one just hits the right beat and lyrics to get you pumping anytime anywhere. Listen to this song while doing heavy workouts and you’ll thank me for sure.

5. A$AP Rocky – Wild for The Night

So far you have heard of the rock songs and moving onto the groovy remixes and hip hop genre I want you to listen to the song Wild for The Night by A$AP Rocky feat. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam.

6. Skrillex – Kyoto

Skrillex is the king when it comes to those boom songs that take you to another dimension. Tune-in to this track feat. Sirah and you’ll be lifting colossal weights in the gym.

7. Ferry Corsten – Punk

If you are a trance and hip hop guy, then listen to this song by Ferry Corsten which is Arty Rock-N-Rolla Mix and go wild. The song starts with a smooth groove and ends you making go crazy.

8. The Glitch Mob – Better Hide, Better Run

This track featured in the new Need for Speed game is so groovy it makes me swing instantly. Listen to this one and you’ll get this one stuck in your mind for days to come.

9. Hook N Sling – Break Yourself

Another track that you want to listen over and over again. The music is groovy and makes you go wow. Although the video might not impress you much, but hey, we are talking about workout music only 😉

10. Nicky Romero – Camorra

Another perfect workout number for you folks and yes it will make you go downright crazy. Gets you into the momentum for workout routine without question.