6 most outrageous iPhone accessories ever made

6 most outrageous iPhone accessories ever made

There are thousands and thousands of iPhone accessories that have rolled out since the first iPhone. Considering the iPhone accessories we have seen in our time, we can conclude them into three types. One, accessories that are productive; Two, that are appealing to the eye. Amid these, there is the third type – accessories which are least productive and not at all appealing– they are simply monotonous, hilarious and outrageously weird.

Umbilical cord iPhone charger, are you freakin’ me?   

Umbilical cord iPhone charger

Not really sure if humans have become so dependent on iPhones that they require symbolism of life in its most unique form. However it is; freak minds in Japan came up with this umbilical cord iPhone charger, which is really creepy. The rubbery umbilical cord keeps moving when it’s charging the iPhone and I’m sure despite its creepy nature you’d want to carry this into public to charge your iPhone. Really?

iPhone is your television with TV Hat

iPhone TV Hat

Alright then, the day you’re fed up of people peeping into your phone screen when you’re watching your favorite movie or a clip, slip your head into the TV Hat and you’ll be sorted. Designed most weirdly for confidential entertainment sessions on the iPhone, the TV Hat is attached with a 2.5x magnification screen, which allows the iPhone to deliver movie theater experience, within the close confines.

If you wanted the iPhone to look like food


With one of the iMeshi Japanese Food cases on the iPhone, some could mistake your phone for a food item. Just ensure before they bite into your phone, you have informed that it may not just be their favorite treat. The cases are extremely realistiv and are available in few options including Sakana, Rice, Egg and Mushrooms.

Turn your iPhone into a gun

iPhone gun case

Violence is increasing around the world with each passing day. If you want to feel like a badass in the real badass world, iPhone gun case is your cherry. When you’ve got your iPhone tucked away in the holster, ensure your staying away from the cops for obvious reasons.

Hand for an iPhone case

iPhone Hand Case

You’ll have to give it up to the Japanese for designing some of the weirdest iPhone cases out there. After the umbilical cord charger and the Japanese food cases, Japanese designers did it again with this hand case for the iPhone. The really unpractical case for some reason has a hand sticking out of the case – if you’re a single soul, all alone and lonely, maybe you could grip the hand for some comfort.

Balls to the iPhone

iPhone balls case


If you don’t give balls to the iPhone case that looks cool, here is a manly case for you to show you care a damn. The freaking case with testicles protruding out at the bottom can make most look silly, but not you. Not you because the company selling this case is giving 10 percent of all proceeds to testicular cancer research – so you’re buying silly for a cause, you sucker!