5 top basketball players of all time 

5 top basketball players of all time 

There have been some exceptional players in the history of National Basketball Association (NBA). While it can be hard to nail down individual greats to have played the game – since there are many, many names that can be taken in the same breath of greatness. But as a basketball fan, I have taken the liberty to pen down five of my all time bests.  Here is the list:

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Since, I have grown up seeing the guy flying across my television screen, I’ll hand it down to Jordan for being the best in the business ever. He had been an inspiration for many like me, and many I remember, took up the sport just because Michael Jordan was the brand ambassador of the game in his own right.

Michael Jordan played as a shooting guard, but he was playing as a small forward. His leaping ability, which was depicted in slam dunks from the three point line, was something that set him apart from others on the court. This immense leaping earned him title of Air Jordan. For his reputation as the greatest, MJ’s awards included five Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards, three All-Star Game MVP Awards, fourteen NBA All-Star Game appearances and six NBA Finals MVP Awards to name a few.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-JabbarHe is second on my list, but the seven feet two inches Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who played as the center for Milwaukee Bucks and Lakers, most would argue is the best NBA player of all time. Kareem who played 20 seasons in the NBA holds record six NBA Most Valuable Player awards and record 19-time NBA All-Star inductions.

Born as Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar adopted the Muslim name at age 24. Famous for his trademark “skyhook” shot, Abdul-Jabbar is NBA’s all-time leading scorer and he is ranked 3rd all-time in both rebounds and blocks.

Magic Johnson

Magic JohnsonOften described as one of the most unselfish players (a team player) in history of NBA, Magic has the one of the highest assist average (per game) in a NBA career. Playing as a point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers for 13 seasons, Magic Johnson won himself the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award in his rookie season. Some of the notable personal achievements for Magic include three NBA MVP Awards, twelve All-Star Game appearances, and Magic Johnson is the only one of the seven players in history to with an NCAA Championship, an NBA Championship, and an Olympic Gold Medal.

Larry Bird

Larry BirdMagic Johnson and Larry Bird rivalry is hidden from no NBA fan. Both are great contenders for the title of the all time greats. Here in the list, for no particular reason I put Larry below Johnson. Bird, who played either as a small forward or power forward, spent his entire professional career at Boston Celtics. Considered by many as one of the greatest players of all time, Larry Bird was awarded with NBA All-Star titles 12-times. Bird was adjudged NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) three consecutive times.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe BryantKobe Bryant has been a Los Angeles Lakers most consistent player. Having played for the Lakers through his career (that still carries on), Kobe is one of the best is business and 18-time NBA All-Star award winner. The Lakers would finally bid Kobe adieu after this current 2015-16 season, but not before he sets a new NBA record for the most seasons by a player for the same team by appearing in the 20th season this current season.