8 of the worst movie scenes ever

8 of the worst movie scenes ever

Fed up of best movie scenes, you might enjoy stumbling on some of the worst scenes ever. As a matter of fact, these scenes have millions of Youtube views owing to their ridiculousness. It takes a lot to create such scenes. It takes some poor actors, a poor script, poor screenplay, and small budget. Go through the following list of some of the worst films scenes. We are sure you would never talk about it again.


Not often we come across such spending blend of poor script, screenplay and acting as that of the Sybil (1976), an American drama film based on the same name book. It’s a sort of insane drama that features an evil mother, responsible for her son’s mental disorder. If you watch is today, it might amuse you as a joke for a while.


A 2012 crime drama film contains a scene with B-grade violence and the worst scene is when hero shouts “come on bitch! Alright! Okay baby girl! Who sent ya? Who sent ya?” He does it right after a ridiculous and lame fight.

Teen Witch

An American teen fantasy comedy film, Teen Witch (1989), features this scene in which two geeky teen girls are watching a couple of cool guys dancing on street. One of the teens transforms into worst ever rapper with ridiculously hilarious moves. Check it out.


RPM is a 1998 action flick that has given one of the worst car chasing scenes in the history of cinema. You know, the producer might have found it a completely time wasting venture to spend on details. The ultimate scene is when the car defies all laws of gravity and absurdity.

Shark Attack 3
Shark Attack, a 1999 television film, has this shark attack scene. An evil shark is at loose eating all the people instead of just grabbing one for eating. It attacks each one of them like it was possessed by an evil soul. I guess it was too much for a shark to go lunatic like that.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
An American superhero film, Superman IV (1987), was directed by Sidney J. Furie, in a hurry, I guess. It’s known for the worst of the Superman franchises ever. Even good actors gave poor performances, especially the scene where a plastic doll flies out of window.

Beast of Yucca Flats
Released in 1961, it’s a horror film that features industry’s worst beast scene ever. A scientist turns into a monster due to exposure to radiation and attacks a character. Instead of creating sense of horror, it appeared like ‘trying to get it on” scene. Then there is a shooting scene that would be hard for you to comprehend, except a bullet sound.

Do you remember Linda Blair of Exorcist fame? In this scene she appeared wearing large shoulder pads while some guys are yelling at her. The reason behind yelling is still a mystery, but more than that, it’s Linda’s cold, expressionless face on being harassed. She remains as still as stone.