10 weirdest low-tech cameras you’ll ever come across

10 weirdest low-tech cameras you’ll ever come across

Camera, one of the best inventions that scientists ever made, has a rich history. Presently, half of the world goes crazy with boredom if they don’t get to watch TV or Youtube. Today, you might find a smartphone with over 10 megapixel camera and full HD recording quite easily, but during initial stages of development and evolution of camera technology, it was like a far cry. Then, there are weird ones, which are low-tech, but unique. For instance, following low-tech cameras would amuse you.

Miniature Pigeon Camera Miniature Pigeon Camera
No one believed in the inventor Julius Neubronner’s idea of taking pictures from miniature cameras tied to pigeons until he actually did it during early 20th century. People were amazed when they saw pictures taken from these cameras and the military at once got interested in the project, but it was discarded after invention of aircraft.

Skull CameraSkull Camera
Wayne Martin Belger created his Third Eye Camera using a 150-years-old skull. It’s a pinhole camera with a hole provided between the eyes to allow entry of light.

900-Pound Camera (1900)900-Pound Camera from 1900
Made by a Chicago camera builder J.A.Anderson, it was world’s largest camera at that time with 900 pounds of weight. The camera featured a 8-by-4.5 foot glass plate in order to click the largest possible photo of the Chicago & Alton Railway company’s rail. It took about 15 men to load it onto a horse-drawn van.

Turtle Shell Camera Turtle Shell Camera
Tayo Onorato and Nico Krebs in their two-volume book has demonstrated that any hollow object can be turned into a pinhole camera and this turtle shell camera is a weird example of it.

Cane Handle CameraCane Handle Camera
Ben Akiba cane handle camera was made in 1903 and featured a shutter release that was triggered by pulling knob below the handle. It’s a fancy piece of art to carry with you. Original camera and a replica of it were sold in an auction in 2002.

Book CameraBook Camera
One of its kind, this pinhole camera had appeared on Etsy from seller named Engrained. It’s made from a hardcover copy of 1920s “The Man in The Forest.” It featured a magnetic shutter made of wood and leather.

Propeller-Powered Airplane CameraPropeller-Powered Airplane Camera
It doesn’t fly or swim, as its design suggests, but it was made to be attached to the bottom of airplanes to take aerial photographs. It was introduced by Williamson Aeroplane Camera in 1915. It was called propeller-powered because the movement of the propeller was used to advance the film.

Binocular Spy CameraBinocular Spy Camera
Nicca Nicnon Binocular Spy Camera is a clever piece of work. No one would ever get an idea that you are taking photographs when you place your eyes behind a powerful camera in shape of a binocular.

French Revolver CameraFrench Revolver Camera
This is one of the coolest cameras that anyone would fancy to have in hand. Known as the Photo-Revolver de Poche , this France-made camera was made in 1882 and featured 10 photo plates. This little, gold revolver was meant for point and shoot purpose.

Stereo Photoshpere CameraStereo Photosphere Camera
The Stereo Photosphere, one of the rarest and highly valuable of all Photosphere cameras made during late 1880s. It featured two individual image sensors to simulate human binocular vision to make resulting photographs appear like a three dimensional image.