10 places where you can smoke weed legally

10 places where you can smoke weed legally

Cultivation, sale, transportation and smoking weed is illegal in most of the countries with huge penalties and punishments, including imprisonment. Over the past couple of decades, voices in favor of legalization and decriminalization of weed have grown lauder. There some authentic researches that show medical benefits of cannabis. It’s a verified fact by researchers that it’s effective for the cure of cancer. However, weed remains illegal in most parts of the world, there are countries which have adopted liberal stance to weed possession and smoking for personal use. Sale and transportation still remains punishable in most of these countries. The governments have defined specific limit for minimum amount of possession, which varies with each nation. Here is a list of 10 states where weed is, more or less, legalized.

In Columbia, you can own small amount up to 22 grams for personal consumption. The sale is prohibited and a person is allowed to grow up to 20 plants for personal use. That sounds pretty liberal. Doesn’t it?

Costa RicaCost-rica
You won’t get it in written that marijuana is legal in Costa Rica, but due to widespread smoking throughout the nation, no one is detained by police or any authority if found carrying or smoking pot. In simple words, a person can carry enough for his personal use, but the government has not defined minimum amount for possession.

CanadaCanada flag
Weed has been legalized in Canada with a defined limit for possession for personal use. You don’t have to worry if you are walking down the highway smoking a joint. No one is going to touch you for it.

In Ecuador, small stash under 10 grams is legal for personal use, but more than that will definitely land the possessor in trouble.

In 2013, Jamaica government had passed a motion to decriminalize cannabis if a person was caught with a small amount. Further, cultivation, sale and use of cannabis is legal in Jamaica.

It’s not completely legal in Croatia, but if small amount of cannabis is found in your possession then expect a light penalty. However, selling cannabis is illegal and punishable by a mandatory prison sentence of three years.

You can carry 7.5 gram of weed for personal use, but more than that will land you in jail for five years. So, you can smoke it as long as you stick to the defined limit.

In Italy, marijuana is strictly regulated for medical use. Otherwise, possession of pot for personal use will only get you slapped with misdemeanor, and sale of cannabis-based products in punishable by imprisonment.

Mexicomexico flag
Weed was decriminalized in 2009 in Mexico.  Owing to the law, the country had experienced shortage of supplies.

Nepalnepal flag
In Nepal, cannabis plant is used for centuries, especially in religious rituals. Pot isn’t new to Nepal so it’s perfectly fine to smoke or carry a significant amount of weed with you.

There are designated smoking area, like some coffee shops. Pot is legal in these areas. You can say that weed is almost legal in almost entire country except for its sale and transportation.

North KoreaNorth korea
You must be surprised to find North Korea in this list, but the nation has a liberal stance on weed. You can buy weed from a grocery store and smoke all of it to your heart’s content.