10 theories that support Apollo 11 Moon landing conspiracy

10 theories that support Apollo 11 Moon landing conspiracy

Apollo 11 Moon landing (1969-1972) conspiracy theories, some of which are supported by very relevant facts, are well known in popular culture. A survey showed that two percent of Americans and about 27 percent of Russians still believe that moon landings were a hoax, propaganda. It feels proud to say that man has reached moon or conquered the moon, as NASA would prefer to call it. However, what if it was the biggest manipulation of facts in the history of mankind? What if Neil Armstrong never actually stepped on mood surface and it was all created in studios? Take a look at some potential questions raised by critics and conspiracy theorists.

Stanley Kubrick TheorySun_Earth_Moon
According to this theory, Stanely Kubric, a film director was approached by US government to hoax the first three moon landings after NASA appreciated the stunning realism in his 1968 film ‘2001: Space Odyssey.’ Some critics also believe that Kubric was groomed by government to film the moon landing scenes before the film. Critics also point out to subtle suggestions about Apollo missions in his other movies like ‘ The Shining.’

The Duplicate BackdropBackdrop Photo Manipulation
Two pictures that are taken from two different places on the moon, which NASA has listed to be miles apart, show identical backgrounds. Critics asked NASA why there isn’t any variation in distance. One picture shows lunar module while it’s missing in other picture. How come that happened? Critics conclude it was so because NASA has used the same background to shoot different scenes.

Layered CrosslinesThe Layered Cross-hairs
Moon landings had a multitude of cross-hairs to assist with scaling and direction and these are printed over the top of all photographs. However, in some of the pictures, cross-hairs are visible behind objects. It hints at the possibility that pictures were edited or doctored after being clicked.

Controversial ‘C’ Rock PictureThe “C” Rock
One of the popular photos shows a rock in the foreground. Letter ‘C’ can also be seen engraved on it. The symmetrical perfection of the letter created doubts in the mind of critics, who suggested that the rock was just a prop and was marked by a film crew. Most likely, the crew had turned it the wrong way, exposing the letter to the camera. NASA’s justification claimed that it may have been caused by tangling of a stray hair during developing process.

Why No Stars Visible in BackgroundLack of Stars
There are no clouds on moon. There isn’t any air and the space appears crystal clear. The question is why there are no stars visible in the background when they should have appeared brighter than what we see on earth. There is no obstruction to adulterate visibility.

Slow-Motion Walkingnvidia-moon-top
Due to earth’s higher gravitational pull, it is impossible to hop like astronauts are seen doing on moon surface. To support this conspiracy theory, its supporters pointed out to hidden wires and cables in a picture to suggest explanation for additional height in jumps.

Suspicious Suspending ObjectThe Unexplained Object
A mysterious object in the reflection of an astronaut’s helmet from the Apollo mission shows an object hanging from either a rope or wire. This object has no reason to be there, and this very mysterious object formed the base of theory that suggests it was an overhead spotlight, like those found in studios. It’s still a mystery what actually it was .

Van Allen Radiation Belt

The Van Allen Radiation Belt
This belt is created and held by earth’s magnetic field. Apollo missions were the first to claim to have taken living humans through it. The theorists questioned NASA if how astronauts survived as sheer levels of radiation would have roasted them en route to the moon, and even layers of aluminum coatings on exterior and interiors of the spaceship would have not proved of any help. NASA explains that it was so because it took very short time for spaceship to pass through it, thus, reducing exposure time to radiation.

Shadow TheoryThe Duplicate Backdrop 2
Despite the fact that moon has only one strong light source, the Sun, photos and videos clearly show the shadows fall in different directions when they should have run parallel to one another. Critics suggest that it was due to presence of multiple light sources in the studio where these scenes were actually filmed. NASA explanation was not satisfactory. Now, interestingly, photos show rocks in the foreground at almost a 45 degree angle, which isn’t sufficient to create that kind of discrepancies.

No Impact CraterNASA Moon Landings
Theorists ask why there isn’t any blast crater underneath the lunar module to mark the landing. The photographs show no displacement even in the fine lunar dust that covers the moon surface.

Waving Flagflag-waving-moon-landing_9803_600x450
The live telecast of moon landing showed American flag waving and fluttering as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planted it. There is no air on moon, so the flag had no reason to flutter.