7 unusual footwear concepts designed for the future

7 unusual footwear concepts designed for the future

World is preparing for future very enthusiastically. Technology is bringing out charming and surprising versions of things of daily use including clothes, footwear, and every known fashion accessory. Future of fashion is 3D printing and smart clothing – embedded with sensors to collect data – manufactured in couple of hours to meet specific need of an individual. Some of them are so futuristic that they appear absurd in present time. We have listed seven such futuristic footwear designs below that leave you in a complete state of awe.

Flames Shoes by United NudeFlames shoe concept by zaha hadid
United Nude, a footwear manufacturer, invited five of the world’s best architects to design 3D printed high heel shoes. Flames shoes designed by Zaha Hadid are one of these shoe designs that look nothing more than another piece for a collection. Really hard to believe that someone could actually wear and walk with them.

Bubble Shoe Conceptbubble
Bubble shoe, designed by Alijosa Senk, is based on the convergence of fashion trends and functionality. The shoe is transparent and its style and looks depend on the design and color of socks or stocking worn beneath. Shoe is resistant to scratches, water, and shock and is made of two layers of silicon plastic with compressed gas in between.

Fully Open ShoesFully Open Shoes
Fully Open shoes, designed by various designers, attend to problem we face while putting them on, such as bending over, squating, using hands, etc. For obese people, putting on shoes is a real challenge and they often require help from others. A pair of Fully Open shoes offers freedom from any additional physical efforts except for stepping into them. It’s suitable for almost everyone.

Foki Vacuum Footwear Conceptfoki vacuum shoes
Designed by Adika Titut Triyugo, Foki vacuum footwear is designed to allow you to do multiple tasks at once, like hoovering the floor to remove bacteria and tiny dust after putting them on to keep your hands free to complete other tasks. Each shoe is rechargeable rubber-lined plastic cleaning slipper that features two rotary cleaners for picking up dust and bacteria. An indicator on top of the shoes keeps you informed about the battery level and amount of dust you collect while you walk.

Nike Free ClimbNike Free climb
Nike Free Climb Shoes, designed by Jim Tirone, make use of Nike’s existing technology feasibility to create a shoe for vertical climbing/trekking, a sporting area never tapped by other companies.

RR 2030 Shoe Conceptrr 2030 1
Nike developed these shoes, designed by David Alberto Olivares Roman, with liquid mercury in them. The concept is designed for the year 2030. Maybe, the designer had conceived the concept for Mars surface.

The DNA concept by PensarDNA shoe concept

The shoe design suggests creating footwear that conforms individual’s anatomy and using biomechanics as the foundation. Using pressure sensors and accelerometers, wearer can collect data to be used to develop a shoe that suits individual’s foot movement. Using the same data with additional inputs, this concept can also assist you to enhance your running form or compensates for imbalances. In simple words, in a few hours, you can have a shoe that is tailormade exactly to match your movement and your style.