Five cross platform free apps that’ll save you big time

Five cross platform free apps that’ll save you big time

There are so many types of utility apps that make the smartphone really smart. Some of these apps come for a cost, and people who don’t want to spend money for apps stayed devoid of their benefits. There is however an easier way to enjoy benefits of utility smartphone apps and i.e. by searching for apps that are free on either Apple App Store or Google Play Store. We have dug deep into either stores and have found the best five cross platform free apps that you’ll love because they’ll make life so ease for you.

Hopper travel  appFree on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices respectively. Developed for all frequent travelers, who find it tough deciding whether to book air tickets at current price or wait and watch for the prices to drop. Hopper is a wonderful app, it predicts for you if the given flights ticket price will rise or fall. The app toggles through prices to and from given cities to notify you when the prices have dropped. The Hopper app was adjudged the best app on App Store in 2015.

MintAvailable on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store free of cost, the Mint app is your financial advisor. The app allows you to create personal budgets, which you can stick to or even sync with your credit card of bank account. The app allows you do define what and how much you are spending and keeps track of this spending pattern. The app lets you know what you are doing right or wrong with your budget.

Hotel Tonight
Hotel TonightWe all love to stay in the best of the hotels (but in a budget). Imagine an app that would provide last minute costs of hotels for you. Available free on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the Hotel Tonight app does just this. The app provides killer deals on hotel rooms at the last minute. A hotel with unbooked room puts up an offer on Hotel Tonight with hefty discount to lure last minute guests.

Free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices, the BestParking app saves you lots of time finding a parking slot. Usually people end up spending a lot of time and fuel trying to find a decent parking spot. BestParking maps out cheapest and convenient parking lots in your locality and provides you information of free parking in the vicinity, saving you a lot of search time.

Rebtel Rebel Calling

Rebtel Rebel CallingAvailable free of cost on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, Rebtel has launched the Rebel Calling feature which allows anyone with local network data to make crystal clear international calls without Wi-Fi. To be able to make clear international calls over your data plan, simply fire up the Rebel calling feature on Rebtel and place a call. Now, you no longer have to be at the mercy of your dictating network provider for making international phone calls.