6 baby strollers for your not so ordinary toddler

6 baby strollers for your not so ordinary toddler

Your baby is no ordinary kid, we understand that. When she is not run of the mill, the stroller she rides cannot be less than extraordinary. Of course it has to meet the top three criteria for a stroller – safety, comfort and convenience. Meeting all norms and pouncing on the word breathtaking with both hands are these baby strollers that’ll make your baby’s ride less bumpy and happier.

The Polyvouge Stroller


Boarding flights with the baby can be made lot easier with a foldable stroller such as the Polyvouge. You can fold this multifunctional stroller and can be stored in the overhead compartment of the plane – chic! This foldable stroller, designed by Andrea Hanzl, Claudia Baer, Lisa Grabner & Andrea Seitner, features seat that can become a cot or a chair and like other strollers, its handlebar can be rocked back and forth to have different views of the baby. Still only a concept, the Polyvouge stroller is a neat idea; it has all the takings of entering mass production.


The Porsche stroller

porsche stroller

Designed by Dawid Dawod the awesome Porsche Design P’4911 baby stroller is designed for your Porsche loving kid. The masculine body of the stroller is made with different material such as carbon fiber and aluminum to make it lightweight, and leather is used to add elegance. Excitingly, the robust Porsche stroller can fold up to fit into the trunk of any Porsche car.

The Strollon stroller 


Largely baby strollers are made keeping in mind the requirements of parents riding them. Designer Amir Labidi believes toddlers need strollers that appeal to their imagination. With this vision, Amir has conceptualized the awesome Strollon baby stroller. The stroller allows a baby to feel she’s riding her own car, yet it does not compromise on safety, aesthetics and functionality. The stroller feels like a sports car not just because of its sporty exteriors, but also because it feature a windscreen, doors and lateral windows for a peep on either side.


The Strollever stroller


Kim Hyeonseok is one thoughtful designer who believes you are a heartless parent who carries that little baby on roughest of terrains and need a stroller that can comfort her on those wretched journeys. Designed as a ATV of strollers, the Strollever baby stroller by Kim will keep your toddler safe and comfortable no matter the terrain. Designed with a gyroscope suspension, the stroller features headlamps, hub-less wheels, storage for toddler’s stuff and an UV resistant glass cover.


The Cursum stroller

Cursum stroller

Being a parent is not easy, and more so when you have been gifted with a child with mobility disability. While you want to give your child all the best she deserves despite her fortune, you can’t be compromise on her stroller. Enter Cursum baby stroller designed by Cindy Sjöblom. Designed primarily to be used in tandem with a wheelchair, Cursum stroller features adjustable height, swivel wheels and has been designed with special attention on safety and visibility. Your child is going to love this.