6 of the most creative and innovative suitcase designs

6 of the most creative and innovative suitcase designs

Suitcases are one of the oldest companions of civilized, modern world. With availability and innovation of better building materials and technologies, product designers are not only working on making the suitcases stylish, comfortable and spacious, but are also integrating additional features, like convertible seating/chair and some others have additional security features, sensors etc. Incorporation of additional features also aims at reducing physical force that a common suitcase requires. Take a look at some really cool and useful suitcase designs:

Suitcase converts into folding travel chairLive luggage suitcaseLive luggage suitcase

Chair Suitcase is a hair-in-the-bag seating solution that is sleek and looks stylish in black with yellow accents. It’s like any other travel bag with wheels and a pull-out bar, but converts into a chair with little efforts.

Live luggage suitcaseLive_Lug_cases_yellow

Manufactured by UK-based company, this suitcase features power assisted case and motor control wheels with adjustable handle. The motors run on a 12V battery and can perform for at least two hours on every single charge, and can carry 65 pounds of luggage and bear more than 90 percent of the weight.

Traveling suitcase converts into chair, bookcaseBook case suitcase

Again, this candidate allows users to enjoy a comfortable seating while traveling or standing in long queues. It also has separate compartments that can be drawn out or can be used like a bookcase.

Climbing Up suitcaseClimb Up suitcase

To make it less tedious task to carry luggage upstairs, designer Woo Moonhyung has designed this suitcase that includes two rubber belt tracks along the lines of the surface of the same. These belts allow suitcase to make better contact with surface and facilitate the upward pull applied by user. Also, it’s made of lightweight material.

Move On suitcaseMove on

Move On suitcase allows user to carry additional luggage, even carry kids as the front portion of the suitcase split off from the base and swing downwards. So, there is additional space with wheeled platform. Also, the suitcase provides seating space when required.

Samsonite OBAG suitcaseSamsonite OBAG suitcase

It comprises of compartments on eight sides of a huge wheel that is meant for those who always carry lots of burdensome material throughout the day. Carrying such a weight on shoulders everyday results in physical strain. On the other hand, OBAG is a roll-on bag with a realistic design. It’s handy, comes with collapsible bar, and has enough space. It reduces physical efforts and decreases chances of consistent strain on shoulders.