Bored of your Jet ski? Try these 5 watercrafts

Bored of your Jet ski? Try these 5 watercrafts

The craze about jetpacks started some five years ago, and it still continues to rise. Innovators are learning to use water-jets in different designs, such as trying it on skateboard to develop flying boards. Some of these jetpacks are available at a very high price as the technology is not mature yet. It’s an expensive, but breathtaking experience to be airborne and try all those stunts a man fancies. Take a look at some of the coolest water-jet powered machines that will leave you in a state of complete awe.


The Water Hoverboard exists in reality and can take you as high as 16 feet above water surface at a speed of about 16 miles per hour. A high-power water jet is attached to its rear that can produce powerful thrust using water jet. Once you are in the air, you can maneuver it at your will and do all aerial tricks while soaring high in the sky.

At 25 miles per hour, Jetlev can let you fly about 30 feet above water level and the boat to which it is attached. It weighs 30 pounds and uses a 260 hp engine, a foam, fiberglass backrest and a race car style harness. This power-packed thriller machine costs you as much as $99,500.

A deviation from usual jetpack designs, Flyboard is more like a flying skateboard. The jets of the Flyboard are attached to the pilot’s feet, and it not only allows you to fly but also lets you dive in and out of water.

Jetovator is a kind of water powered flying bike with an aluminum chassis attached to a 50 feet hose. The hose sucks up water to propel the rider as high as 30 feet into air at a top speed of 22 mph. But it’s meant for only those who are lucky enough to own a watercraft.

Rescue Water-JetpackRescue Water-Jetpac
Designed by Jurmol Yao, this one remains just a concept far now, but is actually a nice idea for rescue workers. Once mass-produced, it would let rescue workers reach spots where lifeboats can’t. A pump provides high-pressure jet stream to keep the pilot airborne. The pilot can control the pack with his hands.