Odd and amusing Japanese traffic cones really stands out

Odd and amusing Japanese traffic cones really stands out

Literally, Japan stands out among all the countries, and most know for its obsession and advancements in robotics and animation. Well, that’s not all. Japs are flexible and keep experimenting with stuff that is otherwise standardized in rest of the world, i.e., variety of customized traffic cones all around the country. Orange is the default color for traffic cone owing to its high visibility. In Japan, traffic cones come in all colors and with all those cute, sometimes creepy anime characters wrapped around them. Doing so would be a great mistake in a country like India, but it’s fine with the Japs. They love to add fun to almost everything.

Blue traffic Cones in Japan
In Mount Fuji, you will come across these cute and quirky cones, like some bloggers who posted them. They are blue and have this typical Jap makeover with all those creepy faces.

Orange sunflowerThat’s how Jap imagined warming markers to provide serious guidelines to drivers – the smiley face. Thanks to Flickr user Martin Bryant and blogger Cat Chan for posting these smiling sunflower cones, which are kind of mocking at seriousness of traffic regulation.

Pink ConesHow about cherry blossom traffic cones? The Sakuragi shrine in Chiba has a lot of them in their parking lot. In temple parking, these cones stand out and create pleasant sight, and go with the theme of the place.

giant conesAren’t these too big to be be placed on road to regulate traffic? The amount of space they are going to take equals a small car. I never knew bigger was better in case of traffic cones too. Whatever, Japs have their reason for exaggerating traffic cones.

Budha conersAs you might be expecting, here are some Buddha safety cones, brainchild of Fusao Hasegawa, who created them as an art project. They are famous at temple parking lots and shrines. Watching Buddha appealing with all his grace to not use reserved temple parking lots is really successful in dissuading drivers.

Cute traffic coneNear a construction site, Flickr user Bethany Weeks came across this cute little buddy advising to keep out except for the construction vehicles.

Whilte conesAlthough, it’s not a good idea to use white cones against white background, but these cones are more than visible with those goofy faces and black cable arms.

Adorable traffic cones
A solitary sentinel stands guard outside an unnamed building near Ramen Museum in Kitakata, Fukushimla. These are so adorable that they function like an appetizer before embarking on a long journey into the museum.