5 Bizzare but most common phobias

5 Bizzare but most common phobias

Mental disorders are real and as researchers dig deep into subjective quality of human brain, more and more mysteries are unlocking. Phobias are very common and there are varied forms of it.  It’s common to conceive a fear of something after going through a bad experience with it. It could be anything from fictitious characters like clown or fear of unknown evil.  The phobias listed below are both weird and common. Some people get it corrected by visiting psychologist and psychotherapists, and it mostly takes years to help the patient get rid of phobia completely.

Ithyphallophobiaphobia from penis erection

Ithyphallophobia is defined as fear of an unwanted and uncontrolled penis erection that could destroy person’s social, professional and family life. It’s one of the most common phobias found among large number of people globally. Fear of embarrassment leads to anxiety and at some point it could go beyond one’s resilience to manifest as panic attack.


Again, it’s somewhat common among large number of people, but is equally horrible- an abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns. Not just the kids, but is common in teenagers and adults as well. The clowns are some treacherous creature for them with that weird appearance, swollen red noses, artificial colored hair, and their abnormal excitement to look into your eyes and give that mysterious smile.


Did you ever had fear or anxiety at the very thought of being seen naked or to see others naked, even in situations where it is socially acceptable. The person develops this complex of not having an attractive body or being physically inferior. The fear about sexuality in general is also part of this phobia.

Neophobia or CainotophobiaWoman looking at piece of sushi

Fear of new things, like fear of going to new places, buying new things, experimenting with different things or persistent anxiety experienced while trying to break one’s routine. Aggressive conservative leaders and activists tend to respond or oppose changes in socio-economic structure very violently, like in India and Islamic nations. Technophobia is also a form of Neophobia that causes fear from constantly changing technologies.

PanphobiaPanphobia 2

From its definition, it might not sound as horrible as it is in reality. It’s a fear that can originate due to any object and sometimes the person doesn’t get even clue of what exactly it is.  The definition of Panphobia describes it as “vague and persistent dread of unknown evil”. It’s been also cited as a secondary condition to schizophrenia.