Diamond studded sneakers for the well-heeled

Diamond studded sneakers for the well-heeled

Diamonds and Swarovski are no longer limited to expensive jewelry. Rather, fashion industry and brands have developed a taste for rolling out limited-edition, ultra-expensive products for select clients. There are gold plated and diamonds studded cars, purses, bicycles, iPads and iPhones and so on. Expensive shoe brands are not into such business because it sounds ridiculous to have diamonds embedded in a pair of shoes. But some brands have actually done this, mostly to boost their brand value and awareness. Some of them are:

Fire Monkey from Bicion and Mache Fire Monkey from Bicion and Mache

Bicion and Mache Custom Kicks are two US-based high-end shoe brands. The two brand have recently unveiled the ‘Fire Monkey’ with the most expensive price tag for a pair of shoes. Pair of the world’s most expensive trainers is priced at $4 million because the pair is embedded with hundreds of diamonds and sapphires set in 18-carat gold. The pair is complete with a blue, white and gold floral designs and a solid gold hang tag. The shoes are made to be auctioned in New York.

Adidas Superstar ‘Diamond Pack’Adidas
When Adidas turned 60 in 2009, it celebrated the anniversary by creating a pair of diamond-studded Superstar ‘Diamond Pack’ Sneakers, which were outfitted with six 0.2K diamonds (each shoe) and Swarovski crystals on the lace lock and the tongue.

Nike Air Force 1Diamond Nike AF
Laced Up and P&C Diamonds rolled out Big Boi’s Nike Air Force 1 at “Solitaire Kicks” event. The diamond encrusted shoes were priced at $50,000 at that time. The pair was adorned with 13K of champagne diamonds after Ernel Dawkind of Laced up Atlanta had teamed up with P&C. It was one of the most expensive pair of shoe available back then.

Diamond Studded Shaq Attaqrebook
Reebok relaunched Shaquille O’Neal’s first basketball sneaker in 2013. The pair was designed by ‘Gabe The Jeweler’ and featured an assortment of diamonds including two custom dubrees, the tongue and two hang tags. This pricey and exclusive pair was put together for charity.