5 cool transparent speakers that promise crystal clear sound

5 cool transparent speakers that promise crystal clear sound

Resonating Transparent Speakers

Speaker manufactures are consistently working on enhancing design and sound quality. From handcrafted wooden speakers to ultra-expensive luxury editions, there is nothing these manufacturers have missed on. An idle speaker means something that perfectly blends with the environment of the space where it is placed. This is why transparent speakers make a pretty good option because they occupy little visible space despite being large in size and big in sound. These designs create illusion of minimal design owing to their transparent frames. We have compiled a list of five of the coolest transparent speakers every audiophile would love to own. Take a look.

People People

people people

IKEA styled Transparent Speakers by a Swedish company ‘People People’ is an excellent option if you are looking for something that blends into your living room. Although, the speakers are big enough in size with quality output, but still occupy little visible space. Speakers feature a small rechargeable WiFi antenna and it is good to go with any device that has a headphone socket.

Resonating Transparent SpeakersResonating Transparent Speakers

Harmon Kardon’s transparent speakers feature robust bass when used on reflective surfaces like tabletop or hardwood floor. The speakers are built into transparent acrylic enclosure and features a 20-watt 6-inch subwoofer (with four 10-watt, 1-inch full-range transducers) that fires downward with optimized natural resonant qualities of hardwood floors. It can work with devices featuring standard 3.5 mm speaker ports.


The OneClassic Speakers are synchronized 100 times every second containing timing errors to less than half a micro-second, which is 50 percent less than WiFi based speakers, all thanks to decade-old wireless standard. These speakers support all-wireless 5.1 surround sound system and come with a USB dongle. All you need to do is plug it in and be ready to listen to quality music with crystal clear output.

FH007 Mini Speaker SystemFHOO7 Mini speaker system

It is five piece system with two stand mounted clear acrylic horn speakers, two bass spheres and an integrated class A-B amplifier. The original model had received five star ratings and positive reviews from reputed media houses. New model offers big sound with better clarity, great acoustics, fantastic stereo imaging, style, flexibility and ease of use, and high specification.

Niagara Tower Speakerwaterfall-audio-niagra-

Waterfall Audio, a company known for naming its speakers after popular waterfalls, made its entry into the US market with unveiling the lineup including transparent Niagara tower speaker cabinets in a portfolio of glass-cabinet in-room and on wall speakers. The company uses a proprietary safety-glass fabrication technique and craftsmanship to create seamless designs with invisible corners.