5 of the best Virtual Reality headsets you can buy now

5 of the best Virtual Reality headsets you can buy now

Procus VR Headset

From the arcade machines to handheld gaming consoles, Virtual Reality technology has taken gaming experience to a new level. VR is the new big thing in gaming that has added another visual dimension to gaming experience.  VR is no more concept and manufactures have already delivered various kind of VR headsets. These headsets are affordable than expected. Google Cardbord VR headset was the first to make VR experience accessible for average consumer. Indian market is no exception and there are ample choices when it comes to buying a virtual reality gear.  We have compiled a list of some of the best VR headsets for gaming that are available in Indian market. Hope, it’ll help you sort one for yourself.  

Samsung Gear VRSamsung Gear VR


Samsung Gear VR puts you right into the action with its impressive VR quality. It is ideal for hardcore gamers who wish VR experience in best possible format.  The headset can deliver lifelike virtual environments at home. As compared to other available headsets, it is better and works with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone like a charm.  You can buy Samsung Gear VR for $97.97.

 AuraVR Pro Virtual Reality ViewerAuraVR Pro Virtual Reality Viewer

It is inspired by Google Cardboard VR viewer and is supported by smartphones measuring up to 6-inches. Two way adjustable lenses work with almost all of the iOS and Android devices.  VR headset has removable front lid for heat dissipation to prevent overheating of the smarphone. It works with all the VR games available at Google Play Store and App Store. AuraVR Pro is available at a discounted price of $20.

Procus VR HeadsetProcus VR Headset

This is another VR headset is that is available in India. The Procus VR Headset has taken inspiration from Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard and offers a good field of view and adjustable knob for the distance between two lenses. With good build quality, the VR headset is also more flexible in terms of budget at just $35.

Google CardboardGoogle Cardboard

A famous product from Google, this VR headset changed usual perception about virtual reality. It was the first VR product that is available at a very affordable price. Made from Cardboard, the VR headset has the necessary lenses to make virtual reality viewing. All it requires is a smartphone.  The simple VR headset can be yours for just $15.

DOMO nHance VR9DOMO nHance VR9

Inspired by Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR headsets, DOMO supports all smartphones measuring 3.5” up to 6” and offer a good VR experience. The VR headset lacks high-end capabilities, but it would do fine for gaming purpose. With a whopping discount of 90 percent, Headset available is available on Amazon for $15.