Five high-tech, smart suitcases that globetrotters will love

Five high-tech, smart suitcases that globetrotters will love

Nua Robotics Smart Suitcase2


Technology is seeping into everything from fabrics to furniture. Luggage bags or suitcases make an excellent option as they offer more surface area for inclusion of technologies like Bluetooth, in-built battery for gadget charging, location tracking, theft alters, speakers, scales etc.  Designers have also attended to problems such as bumpy experience while dragging suitcase on stairs or uneven surface. Travelers and globetrotters find these modern luggage bags and suitcases highly useful. Take a look at the five of the best smart and high-tech suitcases:

Nua Robotics Smart SuitcaseNua Robotics Smart Suitcase2

Developed by an Israeli robotics company, the suitcase is meant to deliver hands-free experience. The luggage follows user like a pet. It is controlled via a smartphone app, camera sensors and bluetooth. It also features anti-theft alarm, location tracking, built-in-scale, automatic digital lock and distance alerts.

Bag2Go Intelligent SuitcaseBag2Go

Suitcase is developed by Airbus in collaboration with German technology company T-Systems. It is equipped with a smartchip and location-based technology. It can store date pertaining to passenger’s flight details to make the bag to be checked in and picked up independently of the passenger. The bag can also be tracked from departure to its destination. It uses radio-frequency identification chip, smartphone technology and GPS. It also recorded information whether the luggage was open enroute or not. It will cut check-in time at airports and save gigantic amount of money lost due to mishandling or delayed delivery.


FloattiFlotti suitcase

Designed by a team from California, smart suitcase ‘Floatti’ features suspensions to absorb shock and bumps on uneven path or stairs. It makes it easier to drag it along. It also connects to smartphone and can pair with iOS or Android smartphone. The handle turns into a touchpad that allows playing, pausing, changing music tracks and even control camera of the user. User can make calls to some specific contacts, launch maps or set off distress alarm along with details of location.

Carry-on Smart SuitcaseCarry-On Smart Suitcase

Developed by Bluesmart, a New York based company, the world’s first smart connected suitcase is an innovative leap in carry-on design.

Made of polycarbonate and aluminum Bluesmart offers Smartphone app–enabled location tracking, proximity sensors that lock your bag when you lose contact with it, remote-controlled locking and unlocking, a built-in digital scale, and an integrated phone charger. All of it is contained in a average sized carry bag.

Space Case 1Space one

It is another fine, high-tech suitcase that features a removable 37 Watts lithium-ion battery for gadget-charging, global tracker, proximity sensor, anti-theft alerts, biometric lock/unlock mechanism that detects fingerprints, integrated Bluetooth speakers that also allow hands-free calls, microphone and is made from 100 percent polycarbonate.