Five coolest coffee tables automotive enthusiasts would love

Five coolest coffee tables automotive enthusiasts would love

Maserati’s 4.9-liter V8 engine
Imagination of furniture designers and enthusiasm of automobile makers or just enthusiasts had inspired new type of furniture mostly made from discarded engines of expensive luxury cars, jet engines, or other automotive parts. The very complexity of these engines defined their purpose when transformed into aesthetic pieces of art. Some of them are meant for sale, while others were created just for the sake of art. Only an automotive enthusiast would understand why it is worth buying a bulky, heavy, and expensive coffee table such as made from old engines.

Laubscher Automotive’s Line of Coffee Tables
engine coffee table

South Africa-based automotive equipment company, Laubscher Automotive have a line of unique tables made from engines like Jaguar V12, Lamborghini V10, Ferrari V12, BMW V12 etc. Old engines are main components of the design and no wood is used in any of these pieces. Shining metal is adorned with glass tabletop.

Maserati 4.9-liter V8 engine table
Maserati’s 4.9-liter V8 engine
Designers Bruno Kuzmin & Gregor Andrejasic handcrafted Maserati 4.8-liter gasoline V8 engine into a fabulous coffee table. The engine from 80s features eight Weber carburetors that give it a look that any automotive enthusiast would find hard to ignore. The mechanical craftsmanship and complex looking mechanical parts are visible through transparent glass tabletop. Of course, it’s a heavy one, much heavier than usual coffee table.

Mercedes-Benz Coffee Table
Mercedes-Benz engine coffee table
Pure work of Art Deco style, the Top Gear Coffee Table, as its maker like to call it, this table is crafted from a Mercedes-Benz S-type 1983 280 SE engine head. The engine was first quartz sand cleaned, painted, and polished. The metal engine is placed on the 4 valves set on crankshaft holders. Strips of white and read LEDs gives it an aesthetic appeal.

Ferrari V12 engine Coffee Table
Ferrari V12 engine
The base is made of V13 engine recovered from a retired Ferrari 400 with a rectangular glass imprinted with Ferrari’s logo and name. Glass is bolted over 14 red pipes and the base of the table sits on crankshaft bearing legs. Red and silver colors provide excellent contrast to this eye-catching piece of automotive furniture and there is a Ferrari logo too for show-off. After all, such table isn’t something that people come across often.

RAF F-4 Phantom Jet Engine Coffee/Dining Table
Not just automobiles, retired aircraft engines have also found a new life in the form of furniture. It’s not the only piece, but is surely worth the list of any automobile fanatic. Made from RAF F-4 Phantom jet engine used in the RAF Nimrod and Boeing 727 and some other aircrafts. The table was built in 1971, and since then, it has traveled several nooks and corners of the world. Though, it is very heavy, it can be disassembled effortlessly when required. It is rare and expensive, thus, worthy of your attention, if you love mechanical craftsmanship.