5 medical conditions that’ll scare hell out of you

5 medical conditions that’ll scare hell out of you

Life is full of suffering, but for some chosen one, it is incomprehensibly cruel and mystique. Diseases and disorders are the most common form of omniscient suffering of human body. Scientists have found cure for most the diseases, but not for all. However, being not able to find a cure is not the worst part, rather, it is the mystery that makes it worse. There exist such disorders that’ll scare crap out of you. If you think you know about limit of mind and body to make you suffer, then take a look at these rarest of rare diseases and disorders:

Dactylolysis spontanea or ainhum
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It starts with the formation of a ring of fibrous flesh that appears suddenly out of nowhere and it continues to tighten until both toes falls of feet. It is rare and non-lethal as it does not damage functionality of the body, so scientists didn’t bother to find out why it happens. It can take from a few months to years for develop and the only cure is to get the toes amputated by a surgeon.

Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome
What would happen if your brain forgets to how to breathe automatically while you are deep asleep? That’s what happens in Ondine’s Curse in which parts of brain responsible for breathing short-circuit. When awake, you will switch to breath consciously using lungs, but when asleep, your brain forget about inhaling oxygen altogether, leading to silent death. There is no cure for it. Researchers aren’t sure what causes it, but they speculate over-alcoholism or sleeping pill as stimulus. It is mostly congenital, but has been reported development in later stages as well.

Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome
uperior canal dehiscence syndromeIf you are suffering from this disorder begin to hear the insides of your body movements, which terrible once you realize that sound of your eyeballs moving is like rubbing sandpaper on wood, and it just won’t go away. May be, it is the blood or sound of bones inside the ear that sound thunderous. There would come a time when you’ll be hearing all your body inside moving. It is treatable with an expensive surgery.

Gorham-Stout Disease, aka Idiopathic Massive Osteolysis bones disappear
What would happen if all bones are excluded from our body design? Without our skeleton, you would be a complete human Gumby or jelly may be. But this disease does worse than that once it reaches its peak. Starting from disintegration of bone-joints, it ends with disappearance of spinal cord, leaving you a paralyzed jelly bag in intense pain. There is no cure for it. The doctors aren’t even aware of what causes it.

Complex Regional Pain Syndromebody reaction
The patient experience an over-reaction to stress or physical activity in which a part of his body turns into rainbow of reds, grays, and purple. But that’s not the hellish part. It is basically caused by malfunction of nervous system in which patient experience sever burning pain with swelling. It pains like hell and the disease require no time or cause to trigger. Even very thought of onset of CRPS can send patient into endless loop of pain and there is no cure for it.