5 weird skeletons ever discovered that still remain mystery

5 weird skeletons ever discovered that still remain mystery

Baby alienFrom where do you think tales and legends come from? The answer would be history, mostly undocumented, including the fossils and remains of creatures that were once living. The belief about alien-visits to earth or existence of vampires are also traced to evidences such as peculiar remains unearthed during modern era. What scientist couldn’t relate to be entirely human, became mysteries and source speculations and unknown realities.

700-years-old Vampire Grave
A vampire skeleton
What would you find in the grave of a vampire who was killed and buried forever – most likely an iron rod hammered into chest and two teeth removed. This is what a recently uncovered grave in Bulgaria suggested. An iron road was found besides the skeleton with both teeth extracted. The grave was found in a churchyard. It was very well framed with thick stone walls. Even if the person was not a vampire, the 700-year-old skeleton tells us that people believed the vampires to be real.

Alien Skull
Recovery of an elongated skull at Arkaim, the “Rushian Stonehenge” in central Russia suggested existence of extraterrestrial creatures or popularly called aliens. The DNA analysis suggested it may not have been human. However, some researchers claimed it to be 4,000-years-old skeleton of a Sarmati woman. They believe her head might have elongated due to head-binding.

Tree Skeleton
Tree skeleton
After a tree toppled in a storm in Colloogney, Sligo, Ireland, there appeared a strange skeleton. The skeleton was intermingled with roots of the tree. The 900 to 1000 years old bones were found to be of a teenage male. The tree was about 215-years-old. The condition of the skeleton suggested murder by stabbing with knife. However, there is no explanation about how the skeleton was trapped in the trees except that someone unknowingly planted a tree over the grave that eventually framed it over the period of time.

Atacama ‘Alien’ Skeleton
Baby alienA strange skeleton was discovered in Chile’s Anacama Desert in 2003. The skull shape was elongated and it had only 10 ribs instead of usual 12 in humans. The skeleton is only 15 centimeters long. That’s why conspiracy theorist believes it wasn’t that of a child or an aborted fetus or a primate. The age of the skeleton is also not know, which made more mysterious. Moreover, nine percent of the skeleton’s genes don’t belong to human genome.

Bigfoot skeletonCurrently, we know that there is a theory about possible existence of Bigfoot, but haven’t heard about any solid evidences like skeleton as fossils. However, it is believed that a Bigfoot jawbone was uncovered after the eruption of Mount St. Helens. However, the bones were destroyed with other bones by the National Guard. Similarly, a number of instances tell us that Bigfoot bones were misplaced, lost, destroyed, or even eaten by microbes to leave no trace behind.