5 less popular but must watch movies of 2016  

5 less popular but must watch movies of 2016  

The Swiss Army Man
Most of movie freaks must have watched all the blockbusters released in 2016, multiple times. That’s why these films were blockbuster after all. However, we are pretty sure that under the large heap of short and long films released in 2016, there are some films that you most probably missed. When you’ll watch these movies, you’ll wonder how you could it happen. So, we have a list of five such movies of 2016 that are worth watching despite the fact that they didn’t make much at the box-office or were released in limited regions.


It is a story, adopted from the same name short-film, depicts a saddening story of a lady who wasted her youth as a drug and alcohol addict. She is living in isolation from family and friends. When she is in her sixties, he tries to approach her family through a gesture of benevolence. She invites her family members on a dinner. In their eyes, she had either actually reformed or was just making up a drama to win their companionship. Interestingly, the short-film was produces via a Kickstarter campaign. It’s a solid combo of drama, emotions, and compassion.

The Witch

The film had first appeared at a film festival in 2015, but was not released until 2016. The release was limited so there is every chance most of people might have missed it. It is a worth watching story revolving around a religious exploration about the fear of God and power of the evil. The story is set in 17-Century England in which a family is forced to live on the outskirts of a forest due to fear of banishment. However, tale develops into horrific drama with a bewildering ending.

Midnight Special

Not sure why the film was named ‘Midnight Special’ but it is one movie that you might have probably missed it. The story is about a special child with extraordinary powers. A cult is trying to hunt down the family and the boy. The drama includes escape of family while the child wakes up people about what they have been made to believe. Some has labeled the film as a sci-fi homage to Spielberg. The move has lot of mystery and wonderment.

Swiss Army Man

There is a great chance that you might have missed this one as well. A man is lost at sea. He loses all hope and develops suicidal tendency. As he was about to hang himself at an island, he finds a corpse. The corpse becomes his friend and it also begins to reanimate. Now, what offended some viewers, who actually left the theater, was that the protagonist uses the corpse as a fart-propelled jet-ski and erection in it as method of navigation. The film is an odd and humorous survival drama.

Kubo and the Two Strings

A 3-D stop-motion animated film is a big-budget film despite that it was shrouded by tough competition of animated films released in 2016. Well, the story has a young man, Kubo, with magical powers. One of his eyes was stolen. That’s right – stolen. Kubo takes on an adventure trip. He is accompanied by a monkey and a beetle wandering into ancient Japan. The critics would suggest that it is a must watch.