5 Gorgeous Wedding Destinations to Make Your Big Day Memorable

5 Gorgeous Wedding Destinations to Make Your Big Day Memorable

Getting married is one of the most memorable occasions that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life. Everything about it is just so special. You have found the one and now you’re finally making it official. There are so many things that you would want to plan about your wedding. But the first thing would be, where you would want it to be. You might want a loud place or some deserted island, everything calm and quiet. Well, it’s your pick! No matter which one you choose, it’s sure going to be romantic! However, if you still haven’t decided which place you want, we have picked out some of the best for you. Read on to make your choice!

Sea Island, Georgia


Have you been wishing for a fairy tale wedding? Then Sea Island in Georgia has the best places to help your dream come true! It has very pretty venues for you to choose from!  There’s the Cloister Chapel which is simple but beautiful than ever. It is perfect for a cozy wedding! There’s also the Cloister Garden which will give you many magical moments! Apart from this, the many different venues include beautiful features like views of the ocean and lovely fountains to treat your eyes. It also offers outdoor wedding venues. Moreover, there is golf and spa for your guests! Don’t even get me started on those Georgia stars! With the sound of the ocean and everything that this place has to offer, what could be more perfect to tie the knot?



Select any venue at this place and there’s absolutely no doubt that it is going to be breathtaking! Mexico is simply heaven on Earth! Also, the place is all sunshine and beaches. Literally! You would never have to be worried about the rain ruining your day or anything! With it’s turquoise waters, the beaches only simply make the whole thing even more perfect! Also, you could entertain your guests with all the sightseeing that the place has to offer. You possibly can’t get enough of exploring! With groovy music and excellent food, Mexico is an ideal place for a beach wedding!



What could be a more fun place to get married than Hawaii? With those mountains serving as backdrops to the scenery of your wedding and the tropical climate, this place is everything that you could ask for! Well, if you are worried about the expenses, then, don’t be! Although people usually think that a wedding in Hawaii would mean draining out your pockets, come to think of it. You wouldn’t be spending a lot on the decorations because the place is gorgeous all by itself! Bring some adventure into your wedding by getting married in Hawaii.

The Bahamas

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The Bahamas are filled with venues which seem like they exist just for a beautiful wedding! The beaches have colorful corals which make them stunning than any other. One interesting thing about getting married here are the dolphins! You can have them as ring bearers! Well, isn’t that a dream? Moreover, if you want to have an Indian wedding or even anything Asian inspired, then, the Bahamas are just the place for you! After the wedding, there are also a lot of activities that you could enjoy here like beach bonfires and biking. This is the perfect place for an underwater wedding!


Now, if you’re wondering why you would want to consider Florida, then the answer would be, the weather! The weather is so amazing that you’d probably want to live there! There are hardly any cloudy days. With the gorgeous beaches, shining with its sand which look golden, it’s heaven! And the activities include a number of water sports! Putting apart the flight charges, once you get there, everything isn’t really expensive. It helps you a great deal in cutting down on costs!