5 Amazing Places That Would Make Your Honeymoon Destination

5 Amazing Places That Would Make Your Honeymoon Destination

Are you going to get married very soon and looking to get away some place really romantic after that? Picking a place for your honeymoon destination isn’t an easy task. There are so many and you just want to visit them all! With all the planning that you have left to do about your wedding, picking a honeymoon destination shouldn’t take up a large portion of your time! There are so many beautiful places out there. Sit with your partner and discuss what kind of place you want it to be, whether a beach or a theme park or some place with snow! To make this easier for you, we have handpicked some of the best honeymoon destinations that could be yours! Sit back and read through!

Bora Bora


Just take off to this exotic island and have the best time of your life! It has the most beautiful beaches and is a great place to relax. If you’re looking for someplace nice and quiet, then this is it! The place is also excellent for activities to get that adrenaline rush. You can go scuba diving, jet skiing or even windsurfing! The place also offers some of the best food. Moreover, it is affordable and you can easily get great deals.



With over 300 islands, Fiji islands are the ideal place if you want some peace and privacy. Have some beautiful moments between the two of you, on a private island, with quiet shores, filled with white sand. There are 7 types of sea turtles in the world and you can find 5 of them in Fiji! Treat yourself to the hot water springs there, which are said to have healing properties. If you’re from a colder place, the tropical climate here is best suited for you.



With its perfect beaches, clear waters and beautiful coral reefs, what would be a more romantic destination than Bali? Moreover, the hospitality that you’ll receive at this place is more than anything you could ask for. The hotel rates, the restaurants and anything that you’d want to shop for, they’re all affordable! This place is also perfect for surfing. They have pools which join the ocean! Want to do some exploring? Bali has a ton of undiscovered places that you could go on and explore. To make it all even more romantic, there are giant treehouses where you could stay!



Have your honeymoon among majestic buildings and a classic environment! Climb up the Eiffel Tower at night and enjoy the fireworks with your loved one. Have lunch while you cruise along the river Siene, enjoying the view and taking it all in. What’s even better is that public display of affection is actually encouraged at this place! There’s no shame in it! When nighttime rolls in, go over to the night clubs or the spas! You could also walk in the moonlight, hand in hand with your loved one!



Give a great start to your new life with the country of happiness! Get lost in the infinite beauty that nature has to offer here. Stay in bamboo houses and go trekking in places that have never been explored until now! If you are a person who’s always craving for something spicy, you can eat until your heart’s content here. Bhutan actually serves chilly as a vegetable and almost all its cuisines are spicy.