5 Unique Ideas to Throw a Wedding Shower

5 Unique Ideas to Throw a Wedding Shower

A wedding shower is an excellent time to get together with your family and friends and have some fun. So, your friend or sister is getting married and it is up to you to throw a shower. Although the occasion is all fun, it can be pretty stressful. You’re probably all worried about what would happen if you ruin the whole thing. There are a lot of things to consider – the bride’s preferences, time left, things to get done and so on. Well, here are a few general ideas for a bridal shower which might help you out.

A countdown board

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There are going to be a lot of camera moments at the shower. This is an excellent idea to add to the excitement and something you could keep even after the shower as a “cross the date” note until the wedding. It is a small thing, sure. But then, these are the ones that are going to be remembered the most! Get a chalk board and write a beautiful countdown message. You could also make it pretty by decorating it with things you know the bride would like.

Organize fun games


Think of games which would make the shower an interesting occasion for everyone and would involve everyone. For instance, you could have the toilet paper game where you divide the guests into groups and give toilet paper to every group. Every group has to choose a person and make a wedding dress out of toilet paper! Best dressed wins! Or, you could simply have a fun spa time so everyone could relax.

Keep memory jars

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Get some mason jars and some cardboard paper from the store. You’ll also need some glitter pens. Have the guests leave notes to the bride before they leave. They can jot down some fun memory or something really significant they had shared with the bride a long time ago. It is a memorable thing to do and will surely be treasured by the bride. You could throw her a surprise by gifting these to her at the end of the shower.

Give away beauty products as shower gifts


This is a good way of saving some money and also giving something meaningful. It’s always a fuss when it comes to what gifts you want to give away. Of course, it is hard to find something that everyone would use. You don’t want your gifts to sit on a corner shelf, lying forgotten. Beauty products are something which everyone would use. You could create these yourself! There are so many DIY tutorials available on the internet where you could learn from. Make some scrubs, lip balms and lotions and pack them away in pretty little boxes. You could also leave the recipe!

Let people customize their food


When you invite people to the shower and have food they’re allergic to, well, that can be both awkward and sometimes, rude. It is obviously not possible to keep note of everything that everyone is allergic to. A simple solution for this is, get the base and let people go at it! For example, you could keep a tray of waffles or donuts and then a variety of toppings in bowls next to it. This way, people can have what they want, the way they like it!