5 Bridal Shower Game Ideas that are Fun

5 Bridal Shower Game Ideas that are Fun

Planning a wedding shower is not a piece of cake. You are going to have to invite people of all age groups and then you have to do the task of keeping the wedding shower fun. The games are the fun part of it. Most people probably won’t know each other and games are a way to keep everyone engaged. Here are a few bridal shower game ideas for you.

Pen my Vows


Have all the guests guess the bride’s wedding vows. Take a sheet of paper, write down a funny sentence which you think would make the bride’s vow and fold the part of the sheet that you’ve written. This is so that the next person or whoever are going to be writing after you don’t see what the others have written. Once you’re done, pass it on to the next guest. Do this until all the guests get their turn and have written their vows. You could make the bride read it out loud at the end of the game.

Wedding Advice


There are surely going to be a lot of older people at the shower wanting to provide advice to the bride on a lot of things. Well, there’s a fun way to do this! Get a mason jar and get a couple of small pieces of colorful cardboard paper. Have the guests write down some fun advice that they want, fold it and put it into the jar. To make this interesting, make the advice anonymous! You could later have the bride guess who wrote each advice!

The Love Story


Everyone knows at least a side of the story of how the couple met and got together. Well, you could make something fun out of this. Get a piece of paper, and let the guests create a story for the couple. Each guest gets to write a sentence. One person starts with the first sentence and the next guest continues and so on until the story is formed. You’d be surprised at how the story turns out according to every individual’s version!

Newspaper Wedding Dress


Why do you want the toilet paper game all the time? Here’s something different – the newspaper! Start by dividing the guests into groups. Give newspapers to all the groups. Now, assign a part of the wedding dress to each group – the veil, the sleeve, the skirt, the bodice and the train. Provide them with all supplies – scissors, glitter and tape. They need to design the dress and sew it! The best one wins and bags the prizes. You can dress up the bride in whatever they come up with.

Passing the Presents


It’s always the bride who receives the gifts. Well, add a little twist and let the guests in on this one too. The gifts everyone get at the end of the shower aren’t as special as the ones they win! Seat the guests in a circle and hand over a couple of gifts to a few people. Now, read a story or a poem with the words left or right in it. Whenever you say right, the presents must be passed to the right and vice versa. The one who passes wrong will be eliminated. Increase the pace as you proceed. The people holding the gifts in the end are the winners.