5 Ways by Which Honey Contributes to Your Health

5 Ways by Which Honey Contributes to Your Health

Honey is most people’s favorite sweetener. Apart from relishing your taste buds, honey also has a lot of other benefits that you probably aren’t aware of. Here are 5 benefits you can reap from honey.

Fights pimples


When you have really oily skin, it combines with the dead skin cells on your skin and blocks your skin pores, providing a suitable environment for the bacteria to grow which in turn causes pimples. Honey acts as an excellent home remedy to fight pimples. Firstly, it is effective in controlling the multiplication of the bacteria responsible for your pimples. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties which relieve the itching, redness and swelling on the skin caused due to pimples. It is a powerful antioxidant and also acts as an antiseptic. Here is a list of other home remedies that you can use for your pimples.

Relieves Anxiety

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In today’s world, anxiety is not something new. We all go through it. With the busy schedules that we have, we all are prone to anxiety at some point or another. The antioxidant properties of honey are actually beneficial in controlling anxiety levels. It is very effective in calming your nerves, helping them to relax. It is known for its therapeutic properties which enhances immune response in a person. Regular consumption of honey plays a vital role in relieving anxiety.

Helps in reducing weight


Did you make up your mind to start a diet and then ended up cheating not even half way through. Honey is an excellent agent which helps in breaking down the fat stored in your body, thereby helping you reduce weight. It encourages the liver to produce insulin glucose that will be used by the brain to release hormones that burn fat. There are 22 amino acids present in honey which are beneficial in converting fat into energy. It also has enzymes which prevent you from over eating. Honey is essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system. Moreover, it reduces the release of stress hormones which are also responsible for weight gain.

Relieves Nausea


Be it due to morning sickness, food poisoning or an upset stomach; nausea is frustrating. The urge to throw up every couple of minutes is surely a nightmare. You might be surprised to hear that honey greatly helps in relieving nausea. Its antibacterial properties help in releasing hydrogen peroxide which is helpful in relieving indigestion. The potassium in honey also eases nausea. Consuming honey on a regular basis lead to the stabilization of the hydrochloric acid content in the stomach.

Keeps your skin hydrated


Cold season means dry skin. This can be really annoying since it can lead to itching and discomfort. Honey helps keep your skin hydrated by forming a protective covering on it and retaining moisture. Dry skin also gives a very rough and unappealing texture to your skin. The enzymes and nutrients in honey help by getting rid of the dead skin cells and providing you soft and supple skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of honey also helps in relieving the itching caused.