5 Creative DIY Gift Ideas in a Jar

5 Creative DIY Gift Ideas in a Jar

Mason jars are the perfect containers for just about any gift? They are a cute presentation and you could come up with the simplest things to gift your loved ones creative things. Here are a few gift ideas that you could give in a mason jar.

Bath Bombs

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What could be more relaxing than a nice, long bath? Well, nothing! What makes it better is scented candles and bath bombs! Here is a short tutorial for a lavender bath bomb. Mix citric acid and baking soda in the ratio 1:2 and add a few drops of lavender essential oil to it. Also add in some almond oil. Mix this really well to a consistency that it should hold when you form a ball out of it. Spray little water accordingly every now and then till you get the right consistency. Add the mixture to a mold, let it dry and pack them in the jar! Here is a list of recipes for other bath bombs you could try.



Want to gift a care package to someone? Pedicure in a jar is an amazing idea! It is also convenient when you want to getaway for the weekend and want to carry as less stuff as possible. To make the pedicure jar, you’ll need small containers where you could fill in scrubs and foot soaks in each of the containers. You could also stick tiny labels on them to depict what they are. With this, add a nail cutter and a nail color which you think the person would like and all the other pedicure tools. Add a small round of cotton and seal the jar with a ribbon!

Chocolates and marshmallows


Who doesn’t love chocolates? And yeah, marshmallows of course! If you are thinking of a gift last minute and have nothing to give, this would be a great idea. Or, if you are great at baking, you could make some chocolates yourself! You could get a bunch of Kisses from the store and fill the jar with them. Or, marshmallows have always been making people happy. Squeeze in as many as you can into the jar and give it out!

Mini tea kit


Have a friend going off a short trip? Why don’t you give them a warm send off with a mini tea kit? It is not only handy but also makes a great gift idea. Get a few sample packs of tea and put them into the jar. You could also include a tiny bottle of honey, because, what’s tea time without honey, eh? Wrap up a few cookies in a small plastic bag and put these in the jar. You could also make a label which says tea time and tie it around the lid.

Winter Kit


Want to do something good for someone as a sign that you care about them? Why not a winter care package? It’s super easy and also comes in really handy. Moreover, they’ll think of you every time they use it! For the care package, you’ll need a tiny lip balm and hand moisturizer. A small bottle of lotion and a pair of gloves. Just fit them all into the jar and give it away! If there’s some more space, you could probably fit in a pair of socks too!