7 Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen

7 Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen

Do you often catch yourself not being able to find things in your kitchen? Well, if that is the case, it is definitely time to organize your kitchen. It makes the place look a lot better and things so much easier. Here are a few ideas that might help you out.

Airtight containers


Use airtight containers to store all your pasta, rice, flour and macaroni. Although they are airtight, the lids are easy to remove. Moreover, you can stack them easily on the kitchen shelves. The transparent containers also make it convenient for you to recognize what is there in each of the containers.

Trash bag holders


Wouldn’t it be very convenient if you just had trash bag holders? The best part is, you can make them yourself! All you have to do is drill a hole into the wall, insert a bracket into it. Drill another hole a little apart and fit another bracket there. Now, take a wooden dowel and insert it into the trash bag roll and place it on the bracket. You’re all done now! The best place to have these holders would be under the kitchen sink, where they’ll be concealed.

Hanging Baskets


Got very less space in your kitchen? Hang a few flea market baskets on the wall. They’re easy to access and make it convenient to store items. You could stack up vegetables and fruits which do not require refrigeration. Also, you could store the spatula, spoons and other kitchen tools in this.

Use dividers

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You probably would’ve had those moments, where you were looking for the right lid of a particular container, digging through your kitchen drawer. Well, you don’t have to go through it anymore. With plastic dividers, separate your kitchen containers and lids. It is neat and provides easy access to whichever container you want.

Make use of the space under the sink

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Got some sewing skills? Well, put together a pocket organizer of any size you want. Get some plastic and some cloth and sew the pockets on. You can use this to store your gloves, brushes and any other cleaning tools. You can make as many rows as you want, like shown in the picture. Hang it or stick it wherever there’s space so that you can reach things easily.

Get a Wine rack


What other better way to showcase your wine than a wine rack? You could either buy one or get one set up in your kitchen. A wall mounted one would look classier. However, if you’re worried about safety, you could get a one that you can fix on the floor.

Magazine holders can come in handy too

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Got long boxes of chips and cookies which your drawers and shelves can’t hold? Here’s a thought – magazine holders! Those long containers fit perfectly into them. Moreover, they make storing things much easier. You can store anything that’s long and won’t fit into your counters and shelves. Hang in a couple of these around your kitchen and you won’t regret it.