5 Tips to Select your Wedding Venue

5 Tips to Select your Wedding Venue

So, you’re engaged now and are planning for the big day. The first thing that you have to choose is the wedding venue. There are literally so many of them available that picking just one can be quite a task. Well, if you’re having trouble picking the place, here are a few tips to help you out!

Know your guest list


One of the first questions that you’re going to be asked is the size of the guest list. Although you cannot really be sure that early into the wedding, at least keep an estimate count. Make sure that the venue will be able to accommodate the guests that you are going to invite. In case you have a really big crowd, then most churches wouldn’t be able to accommodate it. Also, you don’t want to have a really big place with just a bunch of people making everything look empty. So, having a rough idea of the number of guests is the first thing to do while narrowing down your options.

Check the availability


Now that you know your guest list and everything, you can proceed with picking the venue. However, the first thing that you’ll have to check is the availability. You might still have a couple of months left for the wedding and think that place is available then. But there are so many places that you’ll have to book at least a year before. There’s no use in getting all excited about the place only to find out that it has already been booked. In case you’re dead set on the place, you’ll have to consider moving the wedding date.



Your budget is something that you need to plan before even considering picking a venue. When you set your mind on a venue, make sure that fits your budget. It would do you better if you had a wedding planner since they’d list out a number of places within your budget. If you haven’t set your wedding date yet, you could enquire if the place offers a discount during any time of the year. Also get information on the payment plans and refund policy, if there is any. Many venues do not take your date until you’ve made your deposit. So, make sure that you can afford the place.

Check for accommodations and parking


If you’re having your wedding some place far away then your guests will obviously have to stay overnight. So, look for a venue which has hotels nearby. You could also enquire some hotels around and check if they will be ready to accommodate a large number of people and provide any sort of discount. Another thing that you will have to check is parking. If there isn’t enough space, you’ll have to start looking at alternate methods like arranging a bus for your guests.

Check for the services offered


There are many things that you have to consider. Some venues will provide you with a list of vendors that you can work with. If you have very little time on your hands, this is the right way to go. Apart from this, you need to look for the lighting and sound systems. There needs to be ample lighting to record your big day. The sound is very important, not only for the music but also for people to make their toast.