5 Extraordinary Places to Visit in Hawaii

5 Extraordinary Places to Visit in Hawaii

Known for its beaches with white sands and hula dancing, Hawaii is a collection of eight islands, located in the vast Pacific Ocean. If you want to enjoy long sunny days and indulge yourself in a number of water sports, Hawaii is the ideal vacation destination for you. Here are a few attractions that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Hawaii.

Maui Island

The Maui island has over thirty beaches, all of them perfect to have a relaxing day in. It is the second largest among the Hawaiian islands. The world’s largest dormant volcano, Haleakala is 4000 feet deep and is located in Maui. The Haleakala National Park is a must visit when you are here. Also, Maui has three different colors of sand – red, white and black. The black sand is made by the island’s crushed lava rock, the white sand by the coral and the shells and the red by the lava rich in iron. Lahaina has a banyan tree which is 60 feet tall. When it was first brought from India, the tree measured 8 feet and is now as large as a city block.

Rainbow Falls

Located in Hilo in the Wailuku river, this waterfall is an amazing place to visit early in the morning. It falls over a cave, which is home to the Hawaiian goddess of moon, Hina, according to legend. Although these falls are only 80 feet high, the perk here is you can see it up close. It is called Rainbow Falls since you can see a rainbow with very little water too. To get the best rainbow experience, visit these falls on a sunny morning.

Na ‘Aina Kai garden


These gardens spread over 240 acres and are located in Kauaʻi. it was founded by Joyce And Ed Doty in the year 1982. In the year 1999, it was made available to the public. Highlights of the botanical garden include the Bog House which has numerous carnivorous plant species, the International Desert Garden which has the desert plants, the Poinciana Maze which has around 2400 mock orange plants Shower Tree Park & Kaʻula Lagoon, “Under the Rainbow” Children’s Garden which consists of tunnels and slides and treehouse and the Wild Forest Garden.

Waimea Canyon

Located in Kauai, this canyon measures one mile in width and ten miles in length, while being 3,600 feet deep. The way the light plays on the layers of rock all through the day is a truly amazing sight. You could stand on one of the overlooks of the Waimea Canyon and watch each visitor look at it and go speechless, taking in the beauty of one of the most extraordinary sights of nature.

Diamond Head State Monument

Being Hawaii’s most famous landmark, the diamond head state monument is located in Oahu. It is known as Le’ahi in Hawaiian. The legend says that the name was given by the sister of the Hawaiian fire God (Pele), Hi’laka because the summit resembles the forehead (lae in Hawaiian) of the yellow tuna fish (called ‘ahi in Hawaiian). In the 1700’s it got the name Diamond Head since the western traders thought they found diamond on its slopes. However, it was only calcite crystals. It is an amazing place to go hiking.