5 Tips to Throw a Green Wedding

5 Tips to Throw a Green Wedding

Did you know that weddings generate a lot of waste? Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean you can pick a day of the month to go green. Take your wedding day into consideration too! It isn’t really that hard to have a green wedding. With the planet going through so many changes, it is important to be as green as we can. Here are a few ways to have an eco-friendly wedding.

Use seed paper


Make something amazing out of your wedding invitation. You’re going to be sending them out anyway, so why don’t you show our planet some love by doing so? Print your wedding dates on seed paper and send them out! Seed paper is handmade and contains seeds of herbs, vegetables or wildflowers. When they are planted, they bloom into the plants the seeds contain. This way, you’ll be leaving no waste behind. Send them at the right time and the plants would have come up by the time you say ‘I do’!

The wedding dress

Well, you could go eco-friendly by wearing a pre-worn gown. You could use your mother’s or your aunt’s or someone else’s in the family. You’ll be saving a ton of materials used for making a gown. In case you don’t like the gowns in the family, see if you can get it altered to the way you like it. If it still doesn’t work out for you, there are websites where you can rent pre-worn gowns. However, if you want brand new and nothing else, there are eco-friendly gowns available too! Buy gowns made out of sustainable fabrics.

Eco-friendly rings

Use vintage rings for your wedding and go eco-friendly. Mining needs a lot of energy, so opting for vintage rings would save a great deal of it. Moreover, vintage styles are simply gorgeous and you wouldn’t even be sacrificing anything! Or, you could shop from jewelers selling ornaments made from recycled gold. The quality is still excellent and you’d be helping conserve the environment. Gold mines are open pits and can be hazardous to the environment. Also, it takes around 30 tons of rock to create a gold ring. Find your jewelers who use recycled gold and buy from them.

Consider the location

Although hosting your wedding at an exotic, faraway place would be good, consider the amount of carbon footprint your guests would leave just by travelling to reach your wedding destination. So, if you’re really into having an eco-friendly wedding, host it at some place which is close to most of your guests. It would be even better if it is a walkable distance to a few of them! In case you really want to have it a specific place that is quite far, arrange some means of public transport which your guests can use.

The wedding favors

Let go of the traditional wedding favors which are usually wrapped in plastic, allowing them to be easily disposable. Go green. One way is to not have wedding favors at all. If you still really want to, you could give out something edible, that doesn’t generate any waste. Or, give out something reusable. For instance, you could give out homemade jam or bath bombs in a jar which your guests could easily reuse in the future.