5 Things that You Shouldn’t Store in Your Attic or Basement

5 Things that You Shouldn’t Store in Your Attic or Basement

Were you aware of the things that you shouldn’t be storing in your attic or basement? The reason is mainly because they aren’t climate controlled or even pest controlled. However, to help you be on the safer side, here is a list of few things that you shouldn’t be storing in your attic or basement.

Carpets and rugs

Well, you might at times get tired of having to clean the carpets and rugs or maybe its summer and you just roll them up and store them in the attic. Before you do that, think of how dark and undisturbed your attic or basement is. Now, this is the ideal place for moths and beetles to find a house. And even nesting birds! Leave it for a couple of weeks and you might even find nests or larvae there. So, it’s better to not store your carpets and rugs in your basement or attic. However, if you have no other option, get them sprayed with an insect repellent first before storing them.


If you had your house recently painted, you’ll probably have a few half-used cans lying around and an attic or basement might seem like a good idea to store it. Well, you should know that this is a really bad idea. The attic can get easily heated up and paint is usually flammable. And, if your house ever catches a fire, paint will only add to it and make the situation worse. It is always better to store paint in a cool, dry place. However, you shouldn’t go for a freezing temperature either.


Your kids eventually outgrow their toys and you don’t have the heart to throw them away. All those memories and you might be saving them to pass them on later in the family. Well, if that’s the case, you should never store them in the attic. A few years later, you might take them out only to find them dusty and bitten by mice. The best way to store toys are in airtight plastic containers.


If you have any books that have been in the family for ages or ones signed by your favorite authors, stacked up in your basement and attic, it’s time to get them out now, unless you want to see them chewed on and deformed. Silverfish love anything starchy and books are perfect for them. These wingless insects love nibbling on paper and the glue that is found in book bindings. The same goes for storing any important documents like birth certificates, passports etc. If you have them all in the attic, it’s about time that you thought of a new place.

Vintage Clothes

Most of us store all our infrequently used ball gowns, old wedding dresses in the family and other clothes which are out of season in the attic or basement. Vintage clothes need to breathe and storing them using plastic would be a very bad idea. They’re very delicate and might be damaged by dirt, moths and humidity. Wrap them up in tissue and store them in a box, in your wardrobe. For long term storage, find a place where there is good circulation and even temperature.