5 Must See Places in Bali

5 Must See Places in Bali

Bali is the ideal destination for your tropical vacation. Rich with its temples and historic sites, Bali has a lot for you to see. If you’re planning on going to Bali these holidays, here are a few places that you should definitely visit.

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu temple is one of the 9 temples that Bali has to protect it from evil spirits. This sea temple is known for its brilliant location, on the edge of a cliff that is 70 meters tall. In Balinese, ‘Ulu’ means ‘top’ or ‘tip’ while ‘Watu’ means ‘rock’ or ‘shrine’. The temple has 2 entrances, at the north and south. The people believe that the powers of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva become one here. Grand celebrations are held in the temple every 6 months. The beach below the cliff is a very popular surfing spot. The place is very serene and it would be an excellent idea to start off your Bali sightseeing with this spot. However, you have to watch out for the monkeys.

Kuta Beach

Situated on the west side of the island’s isthmus, Kuta beach is Bali’s most famous beach destination. Visit this place for a pleasant escape and to experience Bali within a small budget. It is not very far from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. It also has many resorts located within walking distance. Also known as Sunset Beach, it has many clubs and restaurants located along it. It is a popular surfing destination.

Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah was built in the 11th century for meditation. The name translates to ‘Elephant Cave’, believed to be because of the stone figure of the Hindu Lord Ganesh situated in the cave. The cave has a magnificent entrance, with a giant face having its mouth open into which you’ll have to walk to get inside. The cave is shallow and has three idols, wrapped in yellow, black and red cloths. You can see that the northern end of the complex is dominantly Buddhist while the southern end is Shivaite. You can also see beautiful rice fields on the southern end.

Kintamani Volcano

Bali’s volcano, also known as Mount Batur is another popular sightseeing destination. Mount Batur consists of 3 volcanic cones – Batur I, Batur II and Batur III. The place is great for hiking, trekking and also to watch the sunrise. Located on its south-east side, lake Batur is measures 16 kilometers in width and is a well known fishing spot. It is also the main source of irrigation water for Bali. Hiking up the mountain takes around 3 hours and it is recommended that you hire official guides.

Ubud Art Market

Known locally as ‘Pasar Seni Ubud’, the Ubud Art Market is known for the hand-made goods available there. The place is open every day and you can get silk scarves, woven hats and baskets and kites! It’s your shopping destination in Bali! If you’re looking for souvenirs to take home, this is the place you go to. Viewing all the items that are being showcased itself is a fun activity to do. Also, items that you get here are a higher quality than those that you get elsewhere in Bali.