5 Creative Crafts Ideas to Recycle your Old Jeans

5 Creative Crafts Ideas to Recycle your Old Jeans

Do you have a couple of old jeans lying around? Before you throw them away, ask yourself, what if you could use them to create something for yourself that’d last even longer? What if you used it for home décor? Even better, right? Here is a list of ways by which you can make use of your old jeans to style your home!

Pillow Cases

One could never have too many of these! Pillow cases come in handy for couch pillows, bed pillows and you always need a change of theme when you’ve been using the same kind of cases for a while. Why not denim pillow cases? They sure are going to give your house an entirely new look. If you know how to sew, you could create wonders out of your old jeans! There are many tutorials available online for denim pillow covers which you could follow. A pillow cover with a pocket stitched on to it, would be a great idea! You could also mix two different shades of jeans and create a check pattern!

Lunch Bags

Do you have trouble packing lunch for your kids? Do they forget their lunch bags on purpose because they think that the bag makes them look “uncool”? Well, what if they carried lunch in style? They could carry a denim bag for lunch! Moreover, denim bags hold better weight than the regular cloth ones you get in the market. You could sew as many sacks as you want, the way you want it! Getting your kids to take lunch to school wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Flower Pot Cover

Here’s something new that you could try out for the flower pots at home! Wrap them with denim! If you have a couple of indoor plants in pots around your house, try decorating the pots with denim! The best part here is, you don’t even have to sew if you don’t want to! Cut out the jeans, wrap them well around the pots and glue them together! If you aren’t sure about how to start, there are tutorials available on the internet for you to look into.

Denim Rug

If you’re thinking about adding some lovely blue tones to your house, a denim rug would be the way to go. If you aren’t totally on board with the idea of a denim “rug”, you could use it as a tablecloth instead. But, a rug would still be better! You could have it in your living room or on your balcony or outside in your patio to give your house a classy look. It might take a while to put this together, but then, it’d be worth all the work and time!


These, you really have to go for them! They are super easy to create and look really cute when you’re done with them. All you need is a strip of denim. Now, simply roll it in a spiral manner and glue every round. Let it dry and you’re done! Now you got denim coasters when you hand out coffee! How awesome is that?