7 Clever Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom

7 Clever Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom

Organizing your bathroom can be a pretty challenging task. You have so many things to worry about – the space, the hygiene and it also should be easily accessible. Here are a few storage hacks for your bathroom that you can make use of.

Above the Door

Why leave the area above the door empty when you can build a nice big shelf above it? You can use this shelf to store items that you wouldn’t be using frequently, like the extra toilet paper or shampoo. It wouldn’t make your bathroom look ugly since it’s stacked high and also helps you a great deal when there’s really less space around.

The Ladder

You probably have a lot of things to store and plan on putting up rows of shelves. But then, too many shelves wouldn’t really look good. It would actually make the entire place look clumsy. So, get a ladder with steps! You could buy it or have it built. Not only would it look decorative, but it’d be super convenient to store many things, without having to worry about the look of the place.

Make Good Use of the Mirror

Have a full length mirror installed in your bathroom and then get a whole cabinet built behind it! Now, you can store anything that you want and the mirror would hide it all! This would be easily accessible to the kids too since all that they’ll have to do is pull the handle on the mirror to access their toothbrush and soap!

Don’t Forget the Sink

Now, if you don’t want there to be any stooping, which would be the case if you have kids at home, make use of the area under the sink. Since it’s under the sink, it would be well hidden and also easy to reach. Instead of simply having open shelves, try installing some sliding drawers. You could also build a shelf with top bars to hang your towels. Placing wicker baskets in the shelf would be an excellent idea to store things instead of randomly scattering them around.

Behind the Door

Why just let the door be when it can serve multiple purposes? Some people have towel bars hanging above the toilet. Well, that’s not really hygienic, is it? Especially if you have people at home who always tend to leave the toilet seat up. So, make use of the door! You can have towel bars installed along the door, vertically. Now you’ve got multiple towel bars and nothing looks weird!

The Corners

The corners are very effective storage units. Ditch the old corner shelves and try something new! One good way to make use of them is to fix wicker baskets, sideways, like you can see in the picture. It look pretty and it also easily accessible.

The Wall

If your house construction is still going on, you could make use of this adjustment. Build your shelves into the wall. It won’t take up much space this way and also looks decent! Plus, it is pretty sturdy and you won’t have to worry about how much weight the wooden boards could handle.