7 Creative Home Decor Ideas for Halloween

7 Creative Home Decor Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is almost here and if you haven’t decided what to wear yet, head over to this article for cool food costume ideas that you can make yourself! If you’ve got the costume covered, you got the décor to be worried about. Well, here are a few home décor ideas for Halloween that you could make use of!

Black Pots

Get a few faux potted plants. Paint the entire pot black. Paint the leaves black too! Fill the pot with some black sand. Well, black on the whole. You can keep these near the entrance to create a spooky look for the house. Or, you could also decorate your entire porch with these.

Spooky Seats

You could decorate all the legs of your tables and chairs with claws. It’s pretty simple to create too. You’ll need pillow batting and leg warmers. Stick pillow batting around the legs of your chairs and then slip leg warmers on them. Leave a few inches out at the end for the feet. You can fill this previously with some batting. Now, for the claws, roll up paper in the shape of cones and glue them to the edge of the feet.

Foam Bats

These bats would look cool, hanging by the trees on your porch. You’ll need black foam for this. Before cutting it out on the foam, have an outline drawn on a piece of cardboard and get it cut. You can use this to cut your bat from the foam. Get a pair of Googly eyes for the head. Punch holes at the back end of the bats. Use fishing line to hang them on the trees.

Floating Hats

Buy a few witch hats and hang them around the house. You can easily find them online. You could also fix LED light sticks in them which will make them glow. Get a needle and fishing line and use it to hang the hats by the ceiling.


Ghost windsocks would instantly make your Halloween décor the best. All you need are a few old tin cans. Tear off the labels. Paint the cans white and trace out the eyes and mouth for a ghostly face. Fill them with black paint. Get a few with satin ribbons and stick them at the end of the can, all around it. Make a hole at the top of the tin can using a hammer and nail. Use a fishing line to hang it.


Are you too lazy to go out and shop for something only for decoration purposes? Want to do the decorations with something cheap? Go for trash bags! You can cut out spiders from your trash bags and tape them on your windows and walls, all while not having spent a penny!

Cat Pillows

This is super easy to create. All you need to do is cut out ears, eyes, and nose from felt. You could use yarn for the whiskers. Now, using hot glue, stick them on to your pillow covers and place them around the house for an eerie look!