5 Easy Harry Potter Crafts That you Could DIY

5 Easy Harry Potter Crafts That you Could DIY

We all love Harry Potter and have always wanted to own some merchandise. But all the merchandise in the stores seem too expensive and we keep telling ourselves maybe someday. Well, you don’t need to! You could create so many crafts yourself and all you’ll have to pay for would be the materials required for them! Here are a few simple tutorials for some crafts that you could easily make!

The Wand

Off course we were going to start off with the wand! If you’re a wizard or a witch, a wand is what you gotta start with! Get an A4 sheet and place a double-sided tape diagonally across it. Now, roll the paper from the corner, diagonally until you reach the tape. After this, cover the left over part with glue and continue rolling. After you’re done rolling, trim the ends to get a proper wand shape. Fill in the cylinder’s void with some glue from a glue gun. Use this glue to draw patterns on your wand. All you have to do now is paint and you’re done!

The House Scarves

If you have sewing skills, this is going to be a cake walk for you. You’ll need flannel fabric in two colors depending on the house that you are going to make the scarf for. Cut out rectangles, the width being the width of the scarf that you want to create. Now, place alternate colors on one another and sew them together. Take many pieces like this and sew them next to each other and you’ve got yourself a scarf!

A Howler

Howlers are so easy to make that you’d probably end up creating many of these! Start by taking a piece of red cardboard paper. Fold it into a triangle. Now, make a triangle out of this again. Take it all out and now take the corners and fold them all inwards, pointing to the middle. Take these out too and curl them outwards. Take a white piece of paper and stick it on the inside. You can cut out a zig-zag pattern at the ends for the teeth. You can use this paper as a note! Stick a ribbon in the middle for the tongue and you’re done!

Monster Book of Monsters

For this, you’ll obviously be needing a book for the base. You could get some fur off your coat or something. And then the eyes – well you’ll get these in craft stores. You could also use the ones off some old teddy bears that you have all packed away in the attic. For the teeth, you’ll need clay. Take red clay, mould it into an oval and then fit clay canines into the holes that you make in it. You just have to glue this all together now!

The scar and the glasses ring

This one is super pretty and also easy to create! Get jewelry wire and some pliers. Make circles using the pliers for the glass. Don’t forget the bridge between both the circles! Make a half circle for the ring and then again, using pliers, bend the wire to make the lighting shaped scar! The picture gives you a clearer idea of how to go about the bending and everything.