5 Stunning Lakes Across the World

5 Stunning Lakes Across the World

Lakes are bodies of water, surrounded by land, completely isolated from rivers or oceans or seas. They can be formed due to glacial, volcanic or tectonic activities. Here is a list of lakes so beautiful they’ll make you want to book a plane ticket and go visit them right away!

Lake Como

Located in Italy, at the foothill of the Alps, Lake Como offers you everything that you can imagine! It has high mountains, rich green scenery and vibrant flowers, showing off its blue waters. The place has plenty of breathtaking views to offer! Also, if you’re a fan of 5-star hotels, this place is a must to visit. The lake has plenty of hotels on its shores where you can enjoy the magnificent view from your room. Moreover, the lake is surrounded by lovely villages with stunning landmarks that you’ll surely enjoy. There are also many activities being offered in and around the lake like watersports, zip-lining, hiking etc.

Moraine Lake

Situated in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, with its turquoise waters, Moraine lake is one of the purest lakes in the world. It stretches over an area of 500 meters and is 14 meters deep. The lake also offers trails for hikers. Surrounded by mountains, the lake has become very popular for canoeing. It has 10 mountains surrounding it, which makes it picturesque.  It also has wildlife such as ground squirrels, grizzly bears, marmots and chipmunks. The lake gets its name due to the glacial rocks and boulders that was formed by the Wenkchemna Glacier next to it. If you like fishing, this is the most peaceful place to do it in.

Lake Titicaca

Spreading across the mountains of Peru and Bolivia, Lake Titicaca boasts a rich blue color and should definitely be on your bucket list. The lake gets its name from the word “Titi Khar’ka” which translates to “Rock of the Puma” in Aymara, which is a local language there. This is because the communities in the local region believe that the shape of the lake resembles a puma holding a rabbit. The lake is commonly referred to as “Birthplace of the Sun” and “The Birthplace of the Incas”. It is situated 3,800 meters above sea level, which makes it the highest navigable water body in the world.

Spotted Lake

The Spotted Lake is a patterned body of water, located in Canada. It contains high amounts of calcium, sodium and magnesium sulfates and also silver and titanium. These minerals are responsible for the spot-like appearances during summer, when the water evaporates. Various colors ranging from blue to yellow to green appear, depending on the minerals at a particular spot. It is said that it also becomes possible to walk around the spots at a certain time. however, there’s a fence which prevents trespassing and it is not allowed.

Lake Baikal

Being considered the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal is 1,642 meters deep. It is located in Siberia and is a very ancient, gigantic lake, spreading over 31,000 kilometers. This area is so large that it is equal to the area of the country Belgium. It is known as the “Galapagos of Russia” and contains 25% of the world’s unfrozen freshwater. Due to its age, it has a diverse range of freshwater flora and fauna. Many mud volcanoes have been spotted on the lake. The ice which forms on some parts of the lake is extremely transparent, which adds to its beauty.