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black mamba
Snakes are creepy creatures that are mostly feared for good reasons. They have gift of venomous teeth as their weapon. Some snakes use it to hunt down their preys while others to defend themselves against threats or enemies. Not all bites of snakes contain venom. The rate could fluctuate from 25 to 50%. There are abundant of poisonous snakes, but following five would certainly give you creeps after you read about them:

The Swiss Army Man
Most of movie freaks must have watched all the blockbusters released in 2016, multiple times. That’s why these films were blockbuster after all. However, we are pretty sure that under the large heap of short and long films released in 2016, there are some films that you most probably missed. When you’ll watch these movies, you’ll wonder how you could it happen. So, we have a list of five such movies of 2016 that are worth watching despite the fact that they didn’t make much at the box-office or were released in limited regions.

Ancient prosthesis 2
Amputation of human limbs exists since the advent of medical procedures that date back to thousands of years back. Archeologists have unearthed ample reminiscent as solid proof of existence of prosthesis in ancient world. These prosthesis were found to be incredibly well designed and functional. Some of them even had fingers with which the user could hold a delicate object like quill as well as heavy one like a sword. From teeth to toe, there are plenty of such discoveries that verify invention of artificial limbs in old ages. Following of the five prosthetics, unearthed from different parts of the world, are considered to be the oldest and sophisticated:

Baby alienFrom where do you think tales and legends come from? The answer would be history, mostly undocumented, including the fossils and remains of creatures that were once living. The belief about alien-visits to earth or existence of vampires are also traced to evidences such as peculiar remains unearthed during modern era. What scientist couldn’t relate to be entirely human, became mysteries and source speculations and unknown realities.

Undiagnose Hemorrphagic Fever SyndromeVirus means poison and for common crowd with little knowledge of science, the word sounds vicious. Virus was first studied by Russian biologist Dmitri Ivanovsky in 1892. He studied the tobacco mosaic virus. Since then, over 5,000 different type of virus have been documented with details. There are millions of types of viruses and scientists keep discovering new types. The virus is dead outside host body, and activates after entering into it. However, some of them are unique and still mystery for scientists. Some of them are deadly to human kind, while others target only single cell organism or insects. For instance, following five viruses:

Homo sapiens is a strange species – a marvelous creature with extraordinary cognitive faculties. With these capacities humankind has conquered even most dangerous animal to pieces of lands that were unapproachable once. If we look back at available literature, we can read about future predicted for current society centuries ago. Some of these books –works of literature including novels, short stories, and poems had clearly included current technological advancements, changes in human behavior and unnatural social environment. At the time when these books were published, their settings and themes were considered fictitious and even paranoid. But now, they have become realities. For reference, take a look at the following five works of literature:

Eczema herpeticum
The world is full of suffering and there is no dearth of horrifying diseases. Skin-related diseases in which flesh is either eaten by some specific type of bacteria or degenerates due to a disease were considered to be witchcraft before advent of medical science. Some of them, if not explained medically, still appear to be effects of some sort of curse or dark spell. If you don’t believe, then take a look at the following skin diseases that’ll scare hell out of you:




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