World’s Top 10 Gold Producing Countries

World’s Top 10 Gold Producing Countries

There’s plenty of gold to mine around with 90 nations currently digging for the pretty metal. However, 75 % of the total gold production is still contributed by these top 10 countries including Australia, Canada, the USA and South Africa. But China is now the leading producer with 370 metric tons, having increased productivity significantly in 2005. Australia bags the second place with 250 metric tons. Ghana comes in at last place with 90 metric tons.

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10. Ghana (85 Metric Tons produced in 2013) (Reserves: 2,000)

Africa’s second-largest gold producer, Ghana, has seen a major decline in gold production as declining prices prompted some mines to cut back operations. Ghana produced 107.9 metric tons of gold in 2013.

9. Uzbekistan (93 Metric Tons) (Reserves: 1,700)

Uzbekistan is the world’s ninth-largest gold producer. Gold is the primary metal produced in Uzbekistan. Geologically, mining conditions in Uzbekistan are relatively good.

8. Indonesia (95 Metric Tons) (Reserves: 1,400)

Indonesia accounts for around four percent of global gold production, half of which is extracted from the Grasberg mine, the world largest gold mine, in Papua.

gold Producing Countries7. Canada (120 Metric Tons) (Reserves: 920)

Ontario is Canada’s leading producer of gold, contributing to half of the national total. Most of this gold is extracted from lode deposits. Gold is also produced as a by-product of base metal-mines; about one-fifth of Canada’s gold production comes from this source.

6. South Africa (145 Metric Tons) (Reserves: 6,000)

South Africa, home to one of th eworld’s richest gold reserves, has been adversely affected by the end of gold’s 12-year bull run. Lower gold prices, ageing mines and higher operating costs have together brought down South Africa to the sixth place.

gold Producing Countries5. Peru (150 Metric Tons) (Reserves: 1,900)

Today, Peru is South America’s largest producer and exporter of gold. It is the sixth largest gold producing country in the world who collectively account for half of all gold globally produced.

4. United States (227 Metric Tons) (Reserves: 3,000)

Historically, three quarters of United States mines are contributed by five states: Nevada, Alaska, California, Colorado and South Dakota. Today, despite being called as the ‘Silver state’, Nevada accounts for 74% of the total production of gold, contributing more than 10% of State GDP.

gold Producing Countries3. Russia (220 Metric Tons) (Reserves: 5,000)

Russia has produced more gold than the United States for the first time in 25 years. It’s now the world’s third largest producer after China and Australia. In 2013 Russia increased gold production by 12.6% achieving 254,241 tons according to the Russian gold producers union.

2. Australia (255 Metric Tons) (Reserves: 9,900)

Australia continues to be one of the largest producers of gold. It has shifted from the fourth place in 2008 to second place from 2009. Western Australia contributes for 75% of Australia’s gold production.

gold Producing Countries1. China (428 Metric Tons) (Reserves: 1,900)

China, the world’s major gold producer, increased its gold production by 6.2% to 428.16 tons a year. 60% of Chinese gold production is contributed by five provinces: Shandong, Henan, Jiangxi, Yunan and Fujian.