World’s first sustainable condom from father and daughter duo

World’s first sustainable condom from father and daughter duo

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Jeffery Hollender, 60, and his daughter are promoting sustainability by selling their green creation – sustainable ‘Sustain’ condoms. Despite the fact that most of us would notice the sentence, “Father and daughter sell condoms together”, with a pre-occupied thought of a surprise, the pair is facing all awkwardness with an open mind. Their focus isn’t the taboos, but the fact that condoms play a very important part in our society and it holds a potential to effect variables of sustainability.

First of all, Sustain condoms are made from a sustainable rubber plantation in southern India, groomed through environmentally sound forestry. The source doesn’t involve child labor, and the workers are paid the defined wages. The families of these 180 workers are eligible for free medical care and education to the families of the workers.

Sustain condoms are completely free from any kind of toxic chemicals and are sourced with Fair Trade latex. These green condoms are available in three varieties: Tailored Fit, Comfort Fit and Ultra Thin. We hope, you don’t need explanation about their specificity. After all, a standard size won’t do for all men.

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Meika is a 27-year-old MBA, who is very happy expanding her family’s tree-loving tradition. In her words:

“The amazing thing about this incredibly small product is how many benefits it has for our society and the planet,”

She also believes that kids in smaller families have more chances of getting into a school and are less likely to be hungry. That’s a fact, indeed. She is an MBA, so she has figure out a different approach for the marketing of the condoms.

We feel glad to see a father and daughter carrying out this quest, breaking age-old sexist-taboo related products. Sex is a reality, but it doesn’t always has to be associated with subjective aspects. It’s also a product, which could be manufactured and sold, so there isn’t any chance that it could prevent such commercial relation between a father and a daughter.

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Via: NyDailyNews