6 steampunk mouse straight from Victorian era

6 steampunk mouse straight from Victorian era

Take a break from modern gadget designs and try to imagine how peripherals would have looked like if Victorian age had computers. Keep in mind that humankind had not invented plastic during Victorian ages so metals and wood were some of the best options. Keeping in mind love of royals for aesthetic and ornamental values, some steampunk enthusiasts and modders did try materializing this fancy, and here are six of the coolest attempts.

Rhombus MaximusRhombus Maximus

Rhombus Maximus is a combo of steampunk mouse and USB flash drive. It was built by Moscow-based designer Alex Neretin. He used copper, brass and walnut as the main materials. This combo is sort of nostalgic. It reminds us of the Victorian age when there was no plastic. If computers existed in the that era, the accessories would have looked been like this.

Mouse of DarknessMouse of Darkness

This steampunk mouse is fully functional and includes a USB plug that connects wireless optical mouse with computer. It offers three-buttons and a scroll wheel. The mouse is heavy as it’s made from old brass hardware. Seriously, it doesn’t look like a mouse. Rather, it appears to be sort of torture tool. Maybe, that is why it’s named Mouse of Darkness.

Russian “Stimpank” MouseRussian “stimpank” mouse

A Russian modder converted a crappy Genius brand mouse into a steampunk thing. The maker used various peripherals one can find at the bottom of a plastic tub. It doesn’t look ergonomic at all, but looks good enough for the coppery pincer of Tock.

Steampunk Skull MouseSteampunk Skull Mouse

It’s made of real sheep’s skull and brass. That might not sound interesting according to present generations, but this mouse has everything a megalomaniacal world conqueror would have needed by his side. It’s exactly like an ornamental thing with all those details. Moreover, sheep wasn’t killed to make this mouse. It belonged to one that had died a natural death.

The Paradox MousePAR

A nauseating piece of steampunk work is called Paradox Mouse and features everything that a steampunk thing would ask for, such as brass, bolts, gears, woods, and even neo-Victorian flair. The most ironic part is a real mouse skull, shoulder blades and spine that give it a creepy look. According to the modder Daniel Pon, he had to soak the bone in warm water for 5 minutes to soften the tendons, which allowed him to bend it in desirable shape.

The BugThe Bug

The Bug is, perhaps, the most interesting piece of steampunk work in our list. It’s a kind of Telecalculograph. To make it work, user needs to roll about the mouse on a surface, just like woodworkers use sanding block. The device is functional, but remains mystery for most of the people who come across it. It appears to be antique piece of gadgetry from past. If you want some help to figure out how exactly it works, you can read it all in full detail here.