5 most expensive wedding dresses that cost millions of dollars

5 most expensive wedding dresses that cost millions of dollars

Wedding is an important part of any woman’s life, so it’s obvious that she wants to look like a million dollar. But if a single wedding costs you big bucks, i.e. millions of dollars? While some women can purchase their dress, shoes, jewelry, etc. in that entire hefty amount, there are others who want to spend all the money on a single lavish dress to stand out from rest of the brides in the world.

Read on and find out five of the most expensive wedding dresses in the world that would certainly bring a tear to your eye.

$12 million Diamond Wedding GownDiamond Wedding Gown

In 2006, designer Renee Strausse and master jeweler Martin Katz teamed up to create the most sparkling wedding dress that’s adorned with ‘a girl’s best friend,’ i.e. diamonds. Fashioned from the finest fabrics, adorned with 150-carats of diamonds, the beautiful wedding dress costs jaw-dropping $12 million.  The gown was displayed at the Ritz-Carlton Marina del Ray in 2006. After spending such huge amount, the bride can surely feel special, blushing in her shining dress on the most important day of her life.

$ 8.5 million Yumi Katsura White Gold Dress

Yumi Katsura White Gold DressJapanese bridal designer Yumi Katsura has created her most expensive wedding dress called White Gold Diamond dress. This gorgeous dress is embellished with five-carat white gold diamond centerpiece and 1,000 pearls. Apart from real gemstones, it also displays incredible hand-stitched zari embroidery. The price of the special wedding gown is set for $8.5 million. Only a well-heeled brined would be able to get her hands on this one. The beautiful while gold dress otherwise deserves to locked up in a bank vault soon after marriage.

$1.5 million Peacock Dress by Vera Wang

Peacock Wedding DressDesigned by Vera Wang, the stunning peacock is truly one-of-a-kind wedding dress ever made. It is lined with beautiful peacock feathers for the special bride, who wants to try something non-traditional and elegant at the same time. It has been designed way back in 2009, and made from male peacock feathers to commemorate the year it was made. Featuring a very long, round train, there’s no doubt that the dress is absolutely mind-blowing. It is one of the most creative and costliest dresses in the world, flaunting pleasant feathers all over the wearer’s body.

$1.5 million Danasha Luxury Gown

Danasha Luxury GownDanasha Luxury GownThis is a modern luxury wedding gown for chic urban bride. Fashion designer Jad Ghandour and Danasha Luxury have created this stunning masterpiece that is covered with diamonds, gold, few precious gems and other fine materials. 75-carats of hand-picked Antwerp, Belgium diamonds and 250 grams of 18-karat gold surely need a special mention, as these accessories has made the gown a very valuable piece of art, costing $1.5 million.

$388,088 Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

Duchess of Cambridge has surely lived up her childhood fantasy in her lovely wedding dress. Designed by Sarah Burton, this precious dress is made from most expensive fabrics, including French Chantilly, English Cluny lace, and ivory and white satin gaza. It’s truly a perfect wedding dress for a royal wedding and Kate indeed look her best in the beautiful white wedding dress that won our hearts with sheer elegance.

These dresses are way too expensive than average wedding dresses that costs mere $1,500 or so. But for those who prefer grand and lavish style, these are certainly the best. Rest of you can get your designers to create something similar for lesser price, just to make the most important day of your life feel more special.